Data protection

Use of trademark and copying of the site materials.

No one has the right to use the designations of products similar with the rightholders trademark without the permission of the right holder for the purposes of individualization of which the trademark is registered, or similar products, if there is a possibility of mixing as a result of such use (In accordance with the paragraph 3 of Art. 1484 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation).

The right holder has the right to demand from an offender a compensation of his losses of his choice instead of compensation payment (In accordance with the paragraph 4 of Art. 1515 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation):

  1. in the amount of ten thousand to five million rubles, what is determined by a court order based on of the nature of the violation;
  2. in the double amount of the value of products on which the trademark was illegally placed, or double amount of the value of the trademark right use, determined by the price, which is usually charged for the lawful use of the trademark under comparable circumstances.

For the emergence, implementation and protection of copyright no registration of the work and no formal procedures are required (In accordance with the paragraph 4 of Art. 1259 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation). That is, the lack of registration is not an impediment to the protection of the design of the site and the claims for compensation for the use of exclusive rights to copyright objects may be made. However, the complexity of these cases implies that it should be proven that Your site was created earlier.

Data protection

Use of this Site is usually possible without specifying personal data. The user personal or commercial (e-mail addresses, names, postal addresses, etc.) data input, is made, as far as possible, on a voluntary basis. These data will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent. We draw Your attention to the fact that the transmission of information on the Internet is put at risk because of the vulnerabilities of various components of its systems. Comprehensive protection of the data from unauthorized access by third parties is not possible. The information published on the Site, such as contact details, postal addresses, phone number and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, are not authorized for use by third parties and for sending any information or correspondence other than that explicitly requested.

Using cookies

Cookies technology uses small text files that are saved by the visitor's browser locally on the hard drive or in the device's memory. In most browsers, the use of cookies is enabled by default. Generally, you can delete cookies and prohibit their use for various sites of your choice. Based on the information stored in cookies, our Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica partners count visitor statistics for us, analyze and personalize advertisements. Cookies are designed to improve the work of the Site, make its use more efficient and convenient.

We use cookies in order to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • analyze the popularity and attendance of the Site;
  • quickly adjust the Site's capabilities to the needs of its visitors.

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