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Farmland inventory, electronic field maps and cadastral plans generation. Monitoring of farming equipment, crops state and land cover. NDVI and other indices calculation. Agricultural activities management and control.

Urban Development

Control of target use of the land plots and security of real estate objects. Detection of illegal constructions. Mapping support of the municipal GIS. Determination of temporary objects location.


Geoscan technologies allow to solve any mapping issues within the shortest possible time and with the minimum labor costs. Create detailed maps and accurate 3D models with the help of out UAVs


Icrease performance and control quality of performed works, obtain the most relevant information at all construction stages. Geoscan solutions will help you at all stages – pre-design stages till execution general plan.


3D modeling of the open pits, measurement of scopes and monitoring of the earth woks. Detection of linear structures, assessment of horizontal and vertical displacements, profiles creation and changes discovery.

Public road system

Monitoring of road pavement condition, construction of longitudinal and cross profile. Examination of the railway bed, bridges and other facilities.

Energy sector

High-resolution photos obtained by UAV Geoscan allow to carry out cost-effective examinations of power transmission lines (PTL), heat mains, chimneys and cooling towers. GIS satellite provides not only 3D visualization but also automatic analysis of the obtained data.

Oil and gas sector

Monitoring of the oil and gas infrastructure, ground surface subsidence, territory ecological state and reclamation activities. Resource management, inventory of existing objects and objects under construction.

Forestry management

Assessment of forest resources reserves, automatic calculation of trees and forest inventory. Detection of illegal cutovers, standing dead trees and water-logged areas. Generation of vegetation index maps.

Water industry

Monitoring of water resources. Monitoring of water levels and ice conditions. Monitoring of floods and modeling of flooding areas. Survey of hydraulic structures and detection of pollution.

Nature protection

Mapping and monitoring of the protected natural territories. UAV application is perfectly suitable for survey of the extended hard-to-reach regions, assessment of their condition and detection of deviations.

Environmental monitoring

Assessment of environmental health of the territories and consequences of natural disasters. Coast lines monitoring and pollution sources detection.

Support upon emergency situations

Monitoring and containment of emergency situations (ES) in the real time mode. Search for the injured and damage evaluation. ES prevention (detection of potential fire beds, sites of landslides and mud flows, modeling of flooded zones in case of floods).

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