Protection of animals, preservation of natural environment and landscapes is a serious challenge. Extended territories and, frequently, absence of roads cause additional difficulties for the workers of the special protected natural areas. At the same time, relevant data about condition of the special protected natural areas are required for correct decision making and implementation of nature protection measures.

Use of remote methods and, especially, UAV allows to obtain data which cannot be obtained by any other method. You can obtain images with the resolution better then the same of the space survey, without causing any damage to the environment and with the minimum human involvement. The obtained materials are able to simplify solution of the whole range of nature protection issues.

Geoinformational support of protected areas

Fly-around of the protected natural territories with the help of UAv is the most rapid and cost-effective method of their monitoring. Technologies of Geoscan images processing allow to obtain high-quality mapping materials: orthophotomaps, altitudes matrix and 3D models of the area. Such data will allow to create a detailed geoinformational basis of the territory of concern. Detailed survey of the area will be useful upon preparation of construction objects and planning of economic facilities arrangement as well as during further expert evaluation.

Monitoring of emergency situations

UAV will become your right hand in detection of the fore beds and monitoring of their propagation. Use of UAV is also reasonable for monitoring of the ice situation. Receipt of relevant information about change of water level in the hard-to-reach headwaters is especially important in the regions with frequent river floods. Timely actions help to avoid destructive consequences of the possible flood.

Land use control

Due to high efficiency of survey, you can detect violations of the use of territory within your responsibility scope within the shortest possible time. Illegal cutting, unauthorized construction and minerals mining or wastes disposal will not hide from the aerial cameras lens. Transmission of “live” video from the UAV board will provide the necessary support to inspectors of SPNA hunting facilities during routing patrolling of the territory and, especially, during poachers capture raids.

Wildlife spotting

Small sizes, maneuvering capability, flights at low heights make it possible to monitor animals from the maximum close distance without disturbing them. Herds, flocks, nests are clearly visible with the smallest details. High-resolution of the images allows not only to view the number of the species but also to distinguish features of certain animals. Use of UAV facilitates examination of daily motions and migration routes of the animals, monitoring of habitats of certain species mapping of the habitat areas. Decoding of the photos together with the field and statistical information provides opportunities for detection of spatial regularities and interrelations.

Vegetation monitoring

As a rule, details of the ad traditional aerial photographs are insufficient for the accurate determination of the vegetation species composition. Images obtained from the UAV easily resolve this issue due to the centimeter spatial resolution. After performing several fly-around within one season, you will be able to monitor dynamics of phytocenosis and accompanying landscapes, their degradation or recovery. Detailed study of the changes of phonological stages of certain types of plants also becomes possible. Data from the UAV determine new accuracy limits in the assessment of ecosystems efficiency.