Human activity produces sensible impact on the environment. Provision of environmental safety requires timely control of the environment state. It is especially important to have a source of objective and detailed information about natural environment condition in the densely-populated areas and around environmentally hazardous facilities.

Modern methods of remote examination with the use of UAV provide an opportunity to perform environmental assessment of the territories regardless of their distance and road availability. Aerial high-resolution photos allow to perform simple and efficient monitoring.

Monitoring of natural objects

High-resolution aerial imagery allow to perform simple, quick and efficient monitoring of natural and anthropogenic processes

Monitoring of man-made objects

Geoscan UAVs are perfectly suitable for monitoring of environmentally hazardous man-made objects.The use of our technologies allows to perform safe and effective examination of industry, wastewater treatment plants or transport facilities. Quality of obtained photos allows to detect pollutions caused by accidental leaks and control impact of permitted releases. Technologies of three-dimensional models generation provide an opportunity to monitor and measure volumes of domestic and industrial wastes disposal sites. Likewise, it is possible to map minerals mining sites and discover unauthorized open-cast mines, dump sites and open pits. In the oil production areas, aerial photographic survey with UAV will allow to obtain data about oil spills and pollutions by combustibles and lubricants.

Planning and analysis

With the help of regular surveys you will be able not only to assess the current environmental conditions but also forecast its dynamics with account of the existing factors. Analysis of the obtained data enable to detect natural and man-made factors and their sources. Such informational support will help to plan nature protection measures and control their implementation more effectively.