Traditional methods of instrumental survey with the use of the electronic tacheometers are usually time consuming and associated with considerable costs. Disadvantages of the instrumental survey are especially obvious upon performance field works on extended heavy-going objects, when it is necessary to obtain topographic maps of 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 scales within the shortest possible period.

Geoscan UAV technologies allow to obtain high-quality spatial data with the resolution of several cm/px and linkage accuracy of up to 5 cm without compilation survey. Agisoft PhotoScan Pro automatic processing of aerial survey materials allows to develop orthophotomaps, altitude matrix and detailed three-dimensional models of the areas. They are perfectly suitable for keeping of cadastral accounting, generation of maps and plans of 1:2000, 1:1000 и 1:500 scales.

Orthophoto generation

Orthophotomap is the most widely used and demanded product of the earth remote probing. It is applied as a source of basic information about the area and is considered to be a valuable supplement to any mapping and cadastre materials. Spatial resolution of orthophotoplans obtained with the help of Geoscan UAV is considerably higher than the resolution of the satellite and traditional aerial photos. UAv photos are processes automatically with the help of Agisoft PhotoScan softawre. It consists of several simple operations and does not require any serious knowledge about photogrammetry.

Automatic data processing in Agisoft PhotoScan does not require special skills and knowledge of photogrammetry

Topographic maps generation

Thanks to Geoscan technologies, you can reduce periods and costs of the topographic works. It is possible due to the high speed of data receipt and processing. Survey occurs in the morning, the map is obtained in the evening. Our unmanned surveying complexes can shoot up to 40 km2 per day. Geodetic GNSS receiver on the board ensures centimeter accuracy even without use of the ground compilation survey.

Geoscan technologies will allow to save time and considerably reduce costs of topographic works

DTM and hypsometry

Photogrammetric processing of photos in Agisoft PhotoScan allows to obtain the output data analogous to the laser scanning results. Thick cloud of points are indispensable upon modeling of terrain and objects of compound shapes: open pits, dumps, disposal sites. Such models ensure accurate measurement of volumes, monitoring of the earth works, condition of slopes and structural analysis of the Earth’s surface. On the basis of the detailed digital terrain models you can automatically develop accurate hypsometric view of the earth surface with the section height of up to 1 m.