One of the main concerns of any oil and gas company is maintenance of its pipelines and production infrastructure in the working order. Given the fact that oil production and transportation takes place in remote inaccessible areas with harsh climate, the requirements for industrial and environmental safety significantly increase. Efficient planning and optimal resources exploitation, operations information support has a critical value for the effective risk management.

Modern UAVs have proved their efficiency for industrial and ecological monitoring of the facilities of the oil and gas industry. Geoscan UAVs along with the specially developed software present a complete solution for air monitoring. Our technologies will increase survey efficiency by a huge ratio in comparison with the traditional methods. Moreover, use of Geoscan complexes will provide a possibility to investigate the areas previously inaccessible due to their impassable terrain location. In addition to the simple visual inspection, survey in the infrared and thermal bands is available. This allows to perform early detection of the pipelines faults, fire and leak sources and prevent serious accidents occurrence.

Onshore and offshore infrastructure inspection

Geoscan UAVs offer a new approach to monitoring of production, storage and processing facilities of oil and gas. They are used for inspecting and mapping fields, associated gas flaring spots and oil refineries. Particular benefit of Geoscan can be provided to evaluate the technical condition of pipelines and their protected zones. With the received data it could be possible to identify and even predict points of faults, leaks or spills. Moreover, it is not difficult to detect the sites of pipelines, that are not placed in the design position and the sites of its unplanned outcropping. Created by the survey results the detailed digital terrain models can be used to determine the ground surface subsidence and to prevent accidents. Flying at low altitude allow, without the works interruption, to inspect the flare facilities and cooling towers, as well as to assess the condition of pipes and tanks.

btained data help to identify and predict the points of faults, leaks or spills

Inventory and Planning

The use of Geoscan surveying systems provides the possibility to create and keep updated database of objects and areas of your company. This information resource will allow to control the number of the open cuts and jetting piles, create maps of the multi-well pads and surrounding areas, monitor state of thr objects under construction, and even detect thefts of property. Moreover, this information system will be useful for planning and will help to avoid delays or emergencies during the repair work process.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring in the areas of oil and gas production, transportation and processing with the use of UAV does not require financial and time expenditures. At the same time, early detection of areas contaminated with oil products and emergency oil spills, will help to avoid serious financial losses. Relying on the precise cartographic information, You can determine the areas of pollution and efficiently plan the reclamation activities. The follow-up control and evaluation of the effectiveness can easily be accomplished by just a few extra flights.

Early detection of oil spills will help to avoid serious financial losses

Operational control

Because of their small size and rapid preparation for the launch, Geoskan UAVs can be easily delivered to the place of work and gain the critically needed information. Literally within several hours You will be able to determine the area of accident or emergency, to examine the transport accessibility and direct the work for repair crews. The use of our complexes for protection will help to detect the third persons, to identify unauthorized works in the pipeline protected zones, to prevent the theft of property and illegal oil selection. On-board image transmission function allows you to receive a «live» picture of operation on your screen and make prompt decisions. Our equipment is ready to operate even in the most dangerous places instead of your employees, minimizing risk for the human life and health.