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Geoscan 201 in Oman

9 April 2021

4 hot years in Oman

Our customers from Dawood Engineering Consultancy, a surveying firm, have recently shared their experience of using our UAV. Geoscan 201 has been helping them to carry out projects for 4 years.

Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

6 April 2021

Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

Closing 2021 Dubai World Cup, our team used Salute Pro during a light show.

Salute Pro (it carries a firecracker that can be lit up at the exact time) is based on Geoscan Salute that we use in our light shows. Our development engineers upgraded it so that the drone could tackle new tasks. The specialists paid attention not only to electronics and soft but also safety. They consulted with pyrotechnists to avoid mistakes.

3D model of the Citadel of Damascus is ready

22 February 2021

3D model of the Citadel of Damascus is ready

Geoscan Group and experts from the Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IIMK RAS) have completed a 3D model of the Citadel of Damascus.

Геоскан на высоте!

19 September 2020

New heights for Geoscan!

Geoscan specialists have climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia and Europe (5642 m). Four technicians led by the CEO went to the mountains not only to gain new experience and challenge themselves but also to make sure Geoscan vehicles work fine in highland conditions.

Drone show Geoscan world record

4 September 2020

Geoscan has set a world record!

We are happy to share our joy with everybody, especially with our colleagues and partners who helped us achieve it!

We only started two years ago. Back then we performed our first shows with several dozens of drones. It was quite challenging and encouraged us to move even further.

Geoscan webinars in Africa

28 August 2020

Geoscan & DroneSIG webinar announced!

We are excited to invite you to the brand new webinar by Geoscan Ltd featuring DroneSIG! On this webinar you‘ll get the chance to find out more about UAV technologies applicable in Africa, solutions for precision agriculture, usage of UAV-based magnetic surveying, and other applications. The webinars will be held in English.

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Results of Geoscan Gemini tests amid the magnetic anomalies of Severstal’s open pits

6 August 2020

Results of Geoscan Gemini tests amid the magnetic anomalies of Severstal’s open pits

Aerial photography obtained via the UAVs rapidly replaces conventional geological exploration on foot. This is a convenient way allowing to obtain significantly more data in less time.

The UAVs can be widely used during the mining operations. The drones are used to collect data for mineral output calculation and preparation of the corresponding aerial maps, mining management under conditions when hand labor is replaced by machinery within the framework of the hazardous and monotonous operations.

Webinar on "Vegetation mapping with drones" banner

5 May 2020

Vegetation Mapping with Drones — partner webinar by and with MicaSense

Interested in using drones to get vegetative health insights for a variety of crops? Attend this webinar put on by Geoscan and MicaSense!

29 April 2020

Cooperation of the Geoscan Group and Skyeer

Geoscan Group and Skyeer have agreed to cooperate in the domestic and international markets, provide integration of the Metashape and Skyeer IT software products already in operation, and to begin developing new integrated solutions.