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Two months in Africa to find gold

8 July 2021

Two months in Africa to find gold

In June Geoscan geophysicists completed aerial photography and UAV aeromagnetic survey in Burkina Faso at the request of the gold mining company Salma International Sarl. The project geography covered northern and southern territories of the country, and the amount of work was 2 956 linear kilometres.

Burkina Faso is in the Top 10 African countries for gold mining. Salma International Sarl is a major player in this sphere, and it is focused on development. Today, the company management is committed to implementing modern technologies.

QR code in drone show

24 June 2021

From sky to website: now QR code can be added to drone show

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, and the Geoscan company included it in the programme during Saudi Arabian show on the 12th of June.

The show took place in two cities simultaneously: in Riyadh and Jeddah. The theme was the promotion of tourism in Saudi Arabia. The country was considered to be closed years ago, and the tourism involved only religious pilgrimages. In October 2019, the kingdom started to open visa applications for visitors, and it continues to actively develop this sphere now.

Drone show in honor of the Day of the Conquest of Istanbul

8 June 2021

Geoscan drone show after 568th anniversary of Istanbul's conquest

On the 29th of May, in Turkey, a drone show dedicated to Istanbul‘s Conquest Day took place. It was accompanied with live orchestral music and fireworks, and all the Turkish citizens could watch this sound and visual feast due to online broadcasting.

Educational nanosatellite Geoscan 1U

3 June 2021

Course for stars: presenting you educational Geoscan CubeSats

Our company has launched a new development in the work — and now we are ready for space exploration! We are presenting you the Geoscan 1U and Geoscan 3U CubeSats.

The name is self-explanatory — the Geoscan 1U and Geoscan 3U CubeSats are in the shape of cube and rectangular parallelepiped with four or five solar panels. Remote sensing cameras, ship AIS receivers or small scientific instruments (GNSS receivers, cosmic ray detectors, instruments for biological experiments) can provide a useful payload.

Geoscan 701 - first combat flight

2 June 2021

Geoscan 701 aircraft with ICE makes its maiden flight

Geoscan 701 is an aircraft for aerial surveying designed to achieve maximum productivity per one flight due to using ICE.

A new model of UAV is designed under the traditional aerodynamic scheme. The supply of fuel (which is a mixture of petrol and oil) is enough for 10 hours of flight, and, as a result, the plane can cover up to 800 km. The UAV is supplied with a starter-alternator, which allows switching on the engine automatically and providing power for a payload and systems of onboard radio electronic equipment during a flight.

Geoscan drone show for the presentation of the new Hyundai Tucson in Turkey

26 May 2021

New Show — New Record in Turkey

On the 25th of May, in Istanbul, the Hyundai company presented the all-new Tucson to the Turkish market. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the occasion was held online, but the release itself drew the attention of mass media and Turkish people.

Geoscan 201 in Oman

9 April 2021

4 hot years in Oman

Our customers from Dawood Engineering Consultancy, a surveying firm, have recently shared their experience of using our UAV. Geoscan 201 has been helping them to carry out projects for 4 years.

Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

6 April 2021

Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

Closing 2021 Dubai World Cup, our team used Salute Pro during a light show.

Salute Pro (it carries a firecracker that can be lit up at the exact time) is based on Geoscan Salute that we use in our light shows. Our development engineers upgraded it so that the drone could tackle new tasks. The specialists paid attention not only to electronics and soft but also safety. They consulted with pyrotechnists to avoid mistakes.

3D model of the Citadel of Damascus is ready

22 February 2021

3D model of the Citadel of Damascus is ready

Geoscan Group and experts from the Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IIMK RAS) have completed a 3D model of the Citadel of Damascus.