07 november 2015

In September 2015 Geoscan specialists together with Saint Petersburg State University (Physical Geography & Landscape Design and Cartography & Geoinformatics departments) finished the second part of expedition devoted to the researches of Potanin and Alexandra glaciers of Tavan Bogd mountain range (Mongolia) in 2015 season. Researches were held with the support of Russian Foundation for Basic Researches and  Khovd State University (Mongolia).





This year reasearches are the continuation of the last year expedition. It included glaciometeorological, geodetic and aerial surveying works, that were used for accuracy estimation of UAV work in mountain regions. The major goal of this year expedition was a comparative analysis and changes estimation of ice volume for the season of glacier ablation. This year two expeditions were held - at the beginning of June and at the end of August, two 3D surface models were obtained as the result of it.





Flights were performed with the help of Geoscan 101 UAS. More than 43 km2 area was covered for 3 days. It includes accumulation and ablation regions of both glaciers, as well as moraine of Little Ice Age and the beginning of outwash valley. Surveys were held at 400 – 1500 m altitude above start point, whereas the absolute flight altitude was equal to 4500 m, that is the new record of UAV application in mountain regions.





As the result of the researches unique data were obtained and Geoscan 101 UAS proved its high performance in harsh conditions again.





Research video about expedition on the base of data obtained after photogrammetric processing in Agisoft Photoscan Pro:





See the glacier model in Sputnik Web — Geoscan service for model visualisation and sharing:


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