4 hot years in Oman

Geoscan 201 in Oman

Our customers from Dawood Engineering Consultancy, a surveying firm, have recently shared their experience of using our UAV. Geoscan 201 has been helping them to carry out projects for 4 years.

During this period, the DEC staff has made certain of our UAV‘s quality. Usman, GIS and 3D data manager, says that Geoscan 201 has high endurance, productivity, stability, and quality of images. Thus, whilst the flight time of smaller drones is 30-40 minutes, the Geoscan UAV flies for 2-2.5 hours. This advantage saves the staff‘s time and reduces the cost (the more landings a wing makes, the more defects it has). The company‘s specialists also use Agisoft Metashape a software developed in Geoscan, that is characterized by flexible settings.

‘It is uneasy to survey in Oman. We have a very rough terrain that consists of high mountains, sand dunes, plain areas. Besides, weather conditions are very unpredictable here. Sometimes the temperature reaches around 45 °С in the summer, and the wind reaches up to 14 to 15 meters per second. UAVs of other manufacturers were not very stable. With Geoscan, we can just pick up the UAV, go out to the field, survey and bring it back‘, Usman adds.

The DEC company has finished about 70 projects successfully and in time, using our UAV. Usman has told about one of them with proud. One day his team had to survey a 100 square kilometer area that is covered with wadis (water channels that are deep down in the ground and are very difficult to reach by foot) and mountainous areas. A 1 week deadline was imposed in accordance to conventional methods of surveying but instead of GPSes Usman decided to use the Geoscan 201. His team made 4-5 flights per day and surveyed the area within three days. The data processing took three days as well. As a result, the company fulfilled client‘s conditions due to our UAV.

Usman provided a feedback about Geoscan 201 work during the interview he gave our engineers (they went to Oman to carry out the maintenance of the UAV).

‘I'm really thankful to Geoscan for always being out there to look out for us whether in terms of the repairs, whether in terms of shipping the equipment over from Russia to the Middle East. So, I hope that in the future we are going to continue with them‘, Usman says at the end.

  • 9 April 2021
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