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Mayor of the Tomsk city - about the city's 3D portal and UAV

Mayor of the Tomsk city, Ivan Klein, summarized the results of the work of the city administration on the use of unmanned technologies for the development of digital urban environment and its improvement during his annual report. Mayor mentioned the successes in the use of drones for aerial photography of the city's territory, building a 3D model of the Tomsk on the basis of the collected data and the creation of a 3D portal "Building a city together" - the site of joint work of experts and city residents in discussing projects for changing the city environment. Portal services were actively used in the vote, during which Tomsk citizens could examine territories for the improvement and make their choice.  

Ivan Klein highlighted that Tomsk has the largest 3D model of the city created with the help of UAV in the world. 3D portal of the city operates on the basis of Geoscan technologies, including the stages of data acquisition using "Geoscan 101" UAV, imagery processing with the Agisoft PhotoScan software and 3D-data processing with "GIS Sputnik" and "Sputnik Web" systems.

  • 21 May 2018
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