Cooperation of the Geoscan Group and Skyeer

Cooperation of the Geoscan Group and Skyeer

Geoscan Group and Skyeer have agreed to cooperate in the domestic and international markets, provide integration of the Metashape and Skyeer IT software products already in operation, and to begin developing new integrated solutions.

Cooperation of two companies allows providing customers with new full-cycle services, from the UAV launch to ready-to-use industry-specific analytics, including a wide range of specialized solutions in the field of aerial photography, data processing, 3D visualization and modeling.

The companies plan to set up and provide to their clients a well-functioning mechanism for the full-cycle of works: conducting aerial photography via the Geoscan 101, 201, 401, Gemini packaged systems, processing and obtaining geospatial data via the Metashape, industry-specific analytics and visualization of the obtained data via the Skyeer platform.

Obtaining orthophotos, creating topographical maps and DSMs, 3D modeling, BIM data, construction progress monitoring, plan-fact analysis, calculating actual volumes of performed and upcoming earthworks, detecting and predicting earth falls and pit wall cave-ins - it all becomes possible with high-accuracy data obtained with maximum automation and basing on the Geoscan technologies, as well as the powerful Skyeer analytical tool.

The companies are confident that perfecting the collaborative solutions and the use of existing products and best practices from both parties will contribute to the development of the Russian UAV and geospatial data market, as well as the successful and more intensive promotion of Skyeer and Geoscan products, solutions and services in the international markets.

Skyeer is a Russian developer and leader in geoinformational technologies, presenting a cloud-based platform for industry-specific analytics, monitoring and management of industrial, infrastructure and road construction sites, mining pits, solid waste landfills via the design data obtained with the use of UAVs.

  • 29 April 2020
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