Course for stars: presenting you educational Geoscan CubeSats

Educational nanosatellite Geoscan 1U

Our company has launched a new development in the work — and now we are ready for space exploration! We are presenting you the Geoscan 1U and Geoscan 3U CubeSats.

The name is self-explanatory — the Geoscan 1U and Geoscan 3U CubeSats are in the shape of cube and rectangular parallelepiped with four or five solar panels. Remote sensing cameras, ship AIS receivers or small scientific instruments (GNSS receivers, cosmic ray detectors, instruments for biological experiments) can provide a useful payload.

The tasks for the CubeSats will be predominantly concerned with training school and university students in the design, programming and assembly of real spacecrafts, following their test flights in LEO (low Earth orbit) and organising competitions and experiments via the amateur radio frequency network.

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  • 3 June 2021
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