Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

Drones with special effects in Dubai light show
Drones with special effects in Dubai light show

Closing 2021 Dubai World Cup, our team used Salute Pro during a light show.

Salute Pro (it carries a firecracker that can be lit up at the exact time) is based on Geoscan Salute that we use in our light shows. Our development engineers upgraded it so that the drone could tackle new tasks. The specialists paid attention not only to electronics and soft but also safety. They consulted with pyrotechnists to avoid mistakes.

While upgrading, the development engineers worried about jet force — may the drone suddenly rocket in the sky instead of moving smoothly along the set trajectory after lighting pyrotechnics? To avoid this, the team upgraded Salute’s motors and body. Now, jet force is still acting but the UAV copes with it. The engineers are joking that it just helps to save accumulator charge and gives the drone additional stability.

Our team created a new card as well. Like its ‘brother’ Salute Pro gets a flight mission but modified one because its algorithm includes also lighting pyrotechnics.

Nowadays, this ‘fiery’ effect can be added to any show at will. A sparkling fountain among vivid pictures will make a performance more spectacular, and the show in Dubai certainly proves it!

  • 6 April 2021
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