2198 drone show in St. Petersburg. Geoscan has set a world record!

Geoscan has set a world record!

Drone show Geoscan world record

We are happy to share our joy with everybody, especially with our colleagues and partners who helped us achieve it!

We only started two years ago. Back then we performed our first shows with several dozens of drones. It was quite challenging and encouraged us to move even further.

We have created a tiny bright drone that precisely follows its trajectory.
We have created a technology that allows hundreds of drones move together.
We have learned how to create animation and safely perform it.
We have learned how to launch even more drones. And now we are happy to demonstrate that our technology works for both dozens and thousands of drones.

This record launch became real thanks to all our employees from developers to logistics specialists. Every member of our crew put something into this project and everyone can be proud of it.

We want to thank Generations‘ memory fund, which was Memory and Glory year operator, and also authorities of St. Petersburg for letting us congratulate the whole country on the 75th anniversary of Victory.

We are proud to achieve it in our hometown! We want to thank all the veterans who saved our future 75 years ago and gave us the opportunity to develop. Our new technologies appeared only thanks to your Victory.
Thank you!


Your Geoscan.

Geoscan world record

  • 4 September 2020
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