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Geoscan launches Drone Show!

We are proud to announce our new service - Pioneer Drone Show! After multiple events, we are now ready to develop this line of work and organize a bright performance for our customers.

Drone light show is an impressive event which will necessarily attract huge attention. The show itself is provided by a professional team, who also control the swarm that creates static images and moving animations of bright LEDs in the sky. The show is limited only by fantasy! Use drone show to make an indisputable statement, perform a breathtaking dance in the night sky at the event of any kind!

One of our largest shows was the recent launch of drones on the Black Sea coast in Anapa. A swarm of 120 drones has fascinated the viewers of the audience for several kilometers around! Take a look for yourself:

Learn more and place the order at the Drone Show special page:

  • 13 December 2018
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