Geoscan wins at 2nd International Drone Show Competition

Geoscan wins at 2nd International Drone Show Competition

On the 21st of December, 2nd International Drone Show Competition announced results. The Geoscan company took the first place in the Over 1000 Drones nomination. Moreover, we got a special prize for the exceptional contribution to the drone show industry development.

214 participants from 104 countries competed in one or more of six categories. We applied with the video presenting our drone show in Saudi Arabia.

Entries were evaluated by an international jury panel composed of EU, North and Latin American and Asian drone show professionals, 3D animators and experienced entrepreneurs. WWF representative was also among the judges, which highlights the advantage of drone shows as being environmentally friendly in contrast to fireworks.

Semyon Lapko, the Head of Drone Show Department, says that ‘we are pleased that experts have appreciated our efforts in the development of drone shows. This motivates us to think wider, create brighter, larger-scale and richer performances and, of course, set new records’.

Geoscan Drone Show winner

  • 22 December 2021
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