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New Show — New Record in Turkey

Geoscan drone show for the presentation of the new Hyundai Tucson in Turkey

On the 25th of May, in Istanbul, the Hyundai company presented the all-new Tucson to the Turkish market. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the occasion was held online, but the release itself drew the attention of mass media and Turkish people.

Unique — the event could be described that way. Firstly, a musical accompaniment was created by the Turkish musician and producer İskender Paydaş who had written some compositions specially for that occasion. Secondly, during the presentation Geoscan organized a drone show — now a record-breaking event for Turkey. 580 quadcopters took off near Maiden's Tower located on an islet in the Bosphorus strait. People had the opportunity to watch the show in both Asian and European parts of Istanbul.

The drones took off, accompanied with live orchestral music, and performed in various formations in the Istanbul skies for 10 minutes, twinkling and sparkling in different colors. Among them, were the bright headlamps of the Tucson and the Earth symbol signifying the global presence of the Hyundai.

The logo of the South Korean company finished the show. The Turkish Office of Hyundai and the event-company BRF organized the event. Representatives of the Hyundai Assan top management attended the show.

A light drone show is an effective way to present yourself and a new product. It is a reminder that Geoscan has already participated in the advertising campaigns of big brand names.

  • 26 May 2021
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