Presenting the Geoscan Pollux multispectral camera

Presenting the Geoscan Pollux multispectral camera
The Geoscan Pollux multispectral camera

As from today, you can place a preorder for the Geoscan Pollux multispectral digital camera.

While designing the camera, we drew on long experience of conducting multispectral survey as well as paid undivided attention to the needs of our customers utilizing Geoscan 201 and 401 Agro. To reach the best results without compromising convenience (for instance, data are stored on microSD), we used Sony IMX273 Pregius sensors with 12-bit ADC and 8mm lenses F/1.8. Thanks to this tandem, Geoscan Pollux does surpass some well-known competitors. Higher image size (1440x1080) and longer focal lengths make images more detailed. For example, from fixed-wing UAVs, which minimum altitude is limited, Geoscan Pollux makes it possible to obtain GSD of 5.2cm (at 120m AGL).

Last few years have seen a growing need in creating various vegetation index maps both for manufacturing and research purposes. Bearing this in mind, our company designed the camera which provides simultaneous captures in five narrow bands. In addition to the main bands of the visible spectrum (Blue, Red and Green), the camera registers Red Edge and IR — all in narrow bands (12-40 nm).

Learn more about the Geoscan Pollux specifications and place a preorder on the page of the product. You can find data examples of the survey in the Downloads tab and download them.

  • 14 December 2021
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