From sky to website: now QR code can be added to drone show

QR code in drone show

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, and the Geoscan company included it in the programme during Saudi Arabian show on the 12th of June.

The show took place in two cities simultaneously: in Riyadh and Jeddah. The theme was the promotion of tourism in Saudi Arabia. The country was considered to be closed years ago, and the tourism involved only religious pilgrimages. In October 2019, the kingdom started to open visa applications for visitors, and it continues to actively develop this sphere now.

650 drones were involved in each show. One of the pictures was a QR code, and after having read it users went to the website

It is not a new idea to use a QR code in a drone show but Geoscan upgraded the technology by improving image clarity. Now a QR code can be successfully read by any smartphone.

  • 24 June 2021
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