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Sputnik Agro 1.4 released

agro 1.4

We are pleased to present Sputnik Agro 1.4 version with updated tools for crops health analysis, land reclamation planning and inventory of agricultural land.

What's new:

Support of Altum, RedEdge, Sequoia cameras
You can import composite raster maps of camera data and work with pre-configured rendering modes. The following visualization modes are implemented for each of the cameras:
• Sequoia – CIR, NDVI, NDRE;
• RedEdge – RGB, CIR, NDVI, NDRE;
• Altum – CIR, NDVI, NDRE.
Now you can create prescription maps without the need of index orthophoto.

Work with composite raster maps
A "Raster calculator" tool has been added to calculate vegetation indices for composite raster maps.

The counting of trees
In Sputnik Agro 1.4 we added "Calculate trees" tool, which automatically searches and counts trees. In the presence of DSM and DEM it can identify the peaks of trees, determine their height and estimated volume of wood stock. The result is exported in *.shp and *.kml formats.


New features:
•   EPSG CRS base
•   User defined CRS support
•   Relief editor
•   Track animation
•   \*.shp files support
•   Raster calculator
•   Multiband raster support
•   Band blending for multiband rasters
•   Visualisation presets for Altum, Sequoia and RedEdge cameras

•   Ability to add intermediate edges to polygons/polylines
•   Improved GUI for animated tours
•   New GUI for \*.kml
•   Improved raster maps import master - now it is much faster

•   No reloading while moving layers between folders
•   Coordinate system parameters are read from file metadata
•   The key combination CTRL + A (selection of all objects), works in all text boxes
•   Fixed errors arising from the construction of isohyps
•   All generated * dxf files are read in AutoCAD and other CAD systems.
•   The sky is correctly displayed on the screeshots and rendered videos
•   Files with an uppercase extension supported
•   There is no error in the absence of access to the project layers
•   The trajectory of the animated tour smoothes correctly

  • 20 August 2019
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