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Application of GIS Sputnik

19 April 2019

Sputnik GIS 1.4 has been released

A new version of Sputnik GIS presents new tools, optimized performance, usability, and new integration capabilities.

5 March 2018

NDVI calculation with the use of Agisoft PhotoScan

This article will illustrate vegetation indices calculation with the use of "Raster Calculator" tool in Agisoft PhotoScan.

30 August 2017

Surface runoff directions and drainless areas in GIS Sputnik Agro

During the AgroNTI project orthophotos and 3D models were created, as well as new information products: maps of drainless areas and surface runoff directions.

14 August 2017

Volumes measurements from the reference surface in GIS Sputnik

Developed instructions for work in GIS Sputnik for mine surveyors

14 August 2017

Reference surface construction in the "GIS Sputnik"

Use of "GIS Sputnik" in mine surveying for the construction of relief profiles and calculation of the volumes of fills and cuts.

16 March 2017

Differentiated nitrogen fertilization

In 2016, the production fields of ZAO Otkormochnoye were used for testing the technology of differentiated nitrogen fertilization. "Otkormochnoe" CJSC, RSAU-MSAU and "Geoscan" employees were involved in the work.

20 December 2016

NDVI data processing in GIS «Sputnik»

The instruction for creating NDVI maps in GIS «Sputnik».

29 November 2016

Volume differences measurement

Volume measurement tools in Sputnik GIS are designated for analyzing the time-varying terrain elements.