Geoscan 201

Two months in Africa to find gold

8 July 2021

Two months in Africa to find gold

In June Geoscan geophysicists completed aerial photography and UAV aeromagnetic survey in Burkina Faso at the request of the gold mining company Salma International Sarl. The project geography covered northern and southern territories of the country, and the amount of work was 2 956 linear kilometres.

Burkina Faso is in the Top 10 African countries for gold mining. Salma International Sarl is a major player in this sphere, and it is focused on development. Today, the company management is committed to implementing modern technologies.

Geoscan 201 in Oman

9 April 2021

4 hot years in Oman

Our customers from Dawood Engineering Consultancy, a surveying firm, have recently shared their experience of using our UAV. Geoscan 201 has been helping them to carry out projects for 4 years.

Geoscan 201

13 February 2018

Renewed Geoscan 201 is about to release

Statistical analysis of more than 3000 flights allowed our engineers to find elements and systems of Geoscan 201 which could be improved to make it more reliable and convenient to use at the same time.