Vegetation Mapping with Drones — partner webinar by and with MicaSense

Vegetation Mapping with Drones — partner webinar by and with MicaSense
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Vegetation Mapping with Drones: Using Multispectral Sensors and State-of-the-Art Drone Technology to Better Manage Crops

Interested in using drones to get vegetative health insights for a variety of crops? Attend this webinar put on by Geoscan and MicaSense! Learn about how to use drone-based multispectral sensors to identify and manage diseases, assess the quality of nutrient applications, and manage weeds!

In this 60 minute broadcast we’ll discuss:

  • The basics of multispectral imaging
  • The different MicaSense sensors and the applications they are best suited for
  • The benefits of Geoscan drones and software, and which work the best with MicaSense sensors
  • Real-world use cases over rice, wheat, and vineyards


  • Drew Baustian — Business Development Manager
    Drew has been in sales with MicaSense since 2016--his past experience includes sales at an ag-tech startup, installation & support for a precision ag dealer, field scouting for a seed company, and growing up on a corn, soybean and hog farm in Iowa.
  • Nikita Prokofev — Head of Agriculture
    Nikita joined Geoscan team on its start, as an payload electronics engineer. In 2016, focused on a multispectral payloads and applications for the agriculture. With the help of Geoscan 201 UAV,   Nikita mapped thousands of hectares around the world, from sunflower fields in Krasnodar to cotton fields in India.

Time and date: Wed, May 13, 2020 7:00–8:00 AM CST
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