Geoscan & DroneSIG «Solutions for Africa» webinars

We are glad to announce Geoscan Group and DroneSIG webinars. Our experts will introduce to you Geoscan technologies and UAV for users in African countries. You‘ll get the chance to discuss possibilities of UAV usage and aerial photography data with the audience and the experts.

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Webinar topic:

Geoscan UAV technologies - Gemini online demo

 Date: 3.09.2020

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The main topics are introduction of Geoscan group and DroneSIG, our UAVs and aerial survey technologies, that we use for agricultural mapping.
We will show our UAVs features and tell about work experience in Africa and other countries.

The webinar will be supported by a Geoscan’s partner - Alfa Sementeira Limitada.


Vlad Misan
Vlad Misan

Head of International Relations,
Geoscan Ltd

Mikhail Tyunin
Mikhail Tyunin

Managing Director,
Alfa Sementeira Limitada


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We have been cooperating with Africa for 3 years. Our specialists already performed aerial survey of over 2500 ha and created a detailed map of a ravine near the city of Luena and agricultural land maps of Angola. Aerial survey data were used to define land areas for cultivation.

In this webinar we would like to share our previous experience with you and present new Geoscan Gemini UAV.