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Sputnik GIS is a multidimensional spatial data visualization system. Orthophotos and digital elevation models created with Agisoft PhotoScan Professional can be imported into Sputnik GIS for further analysis using wide range of tools: length, height and volume measurements, cross sections generation and kriging interpolation.

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With Sputnik GIS you may import orthophoto and DEM without any limitations on file size, coverage area, etc. Basic Landsat, OpenStreetMap, Bing and SRTM coverage provides unified working space for all users’ datasets. KML is the most often used Sputnik GIS data format. It is possible to load virtually any data, including 3D models, spherical panoramas and various real time sensors data into Sputnik GIS.
Browse and analyze orthophoto and 3D models generated as a result of monitoring UAV missions. Sputnik GIS is mainly used in combination with GeoScan UAVs and Agisoft PhotoScan software. It allows to analyze linear and volumetric object properties and determine their changes comparing data of the same object obtained at different time. Sputnik is used as monitoring display to supervise and monitor conditions of gas and oil pipelines (deformation, illegal ties-in, forestation), power transmission lines, measure volumes of open mines and quarries, excavations and landfills, monitor road surface defects or deformation.

Maintaining situational and operational awareness on geographically distributed facilities. Sputnik GIS is an easy customizable tool for displaying heterogeneous data collecting via network of various sensors.

Government and administrative applications. Sputnik GIS combines geospatial data supplied by number of different level sources (municipal, regional, federal etc) in single frame making it possible to check and control functioning of government authorities at any scale.

Virtual reconstruction of heritage objects. With its’ ability to simultaneously display different types of data: 3D models, spherical panoramas, video and audio files, raster and vector maps, terrain data, texts and images, Sputnik GIS allows to keep various information on heritage objects and places and display it in highly effective form.


Sputnik GIS is a virtual 3D globe, aimed to provide situational awareness at different application areas. It support number of OGS standards, such as WMS and KML. To provide a common space for all projects Sputnik GIS uses available low-scale satellite imagery and global elevation model. To get detailed coverage at regional and local levels users may upload their own imagery and terrain data.
Sputnik GIS allows not only to display geospatial data, but also to create tactical situation maps. These maps are created by several users working simultaneously. Each of them receive certain data streams, analyze them and may mark data of special interest right on a map or raise alarm signal to upper level or to a specific unit. Sputnik GIS has a number of built-in measurement tools and allows to integrate any specific application as an external plugins. Sputnik GIS may be provided as a single user application or as a server-based system allowing to control access permissions for its’ users

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