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PhotoScan. Fully automated professional photogrammetric kit

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone photogrammetric software solution for automatic generation of dense point clouds, textured polygonal models, georeferenced true orthomosaics and DSMs / DTMs from still images.

Based on the state-of-the-art technology developed by Agisoft, it allows for very fast processing (typically within a couple of hours), providing at the same time highly accurate results (up to 3cm for aerial, and up to 1mm for close-range photography).

The software package has a linear project-based workflow that is intuitive and can be easily mastered even by a non-specialist, while professional photogrammetrists have complete control over the results accuracy, with detailed report being generated at the end of processing.

  • Highly accurate and detailed results
  • Fully automated and intuitive workflow
  • GPU acceleration for faster processing
  • Network processing for large projects
  • Reasonably powerful Standard edition
    for art projects
  • Easy sharing with PDF export and direct
    upload to online resources
  • Aerial and close-range triangulation
  • Dense point cloud generation and classification
  • True orthomosaic and DSM / DTM generation
  • Orthomosaic seamline editing
  • Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs
  • Polygonal model reconstruction and texturing
  • Hierarchical tiled model generation and visualization
  • 4D reconstruction for dynamic scenes
  • Built-in Python scripting for job automation
  • Coded and non-coded targets auto detection
  • Processes images from frame / fisheye / spherical cameras
  • Exports results in widely supported formats
  • Works well with most UAVs
  • Supports most EPSG coordinate systems
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Input data
Still images it: JPEG,TIFF, PNG, BMP, PPM, CR2, MPO
Photographing points coordinates and reference points in TXT or CSV
PhotoScan supports setting a coordinate system based on either ground control point (marker) coordinates or camera coordinates. In both cases the coordinates are specified in the Reference pane and can be either loaded from the external file or typed in manually
Processing results
  • Point clouds in Wavefront OBJ, Stanford PLY, XYZ Point Cloud, ASPRS LAS fromats
  • 3D models in Wavefront OBJ, 3DS models, VRML, Stanford PLY, Autodesk DXF, COLLADA, U3D, Adobe PDF
  • Orthophotos in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GeoTIFF, мозаика в формате Google Earth KML
  • DEMs in GeoTIFF, Arc/Info ASCII Grid (ASC), Band interlieved file format (BIL)

Recommended hardware

Basic configuration
up to 32 GB RAM

CPU: Quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU, Socket LGA 1150 or 1155 (Haswell, Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge)

Motherboard: Any LGA 1150 or 1155 model with 4 DDR3 slots and at least 1 PCI Express x16 slot

RAM: DDR3-1600, 4 x 4 GB (16 GB total) or 4 x 8 GB (32 GB total)

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or GeForce GTX 980 (optional)

Advanced configuration
up to 64 GB RAM

CPU: Six-core Intel Core i7 CPU, Socket LGA 2011-v3 or 2011 (Haswell-E, Ivy Bridge-E or Sandy Bridge-E)

Motherboard: Any LGA 2011-v3 or 2011 model with 8 DDR4 or DDR3 slots and at least 1 PCI Express x16 slot

RAM: DDR4-2133 or DDR3-1600, 8 x 4 GB (32 GB total) or 8 x 8 GB (64 GB total)

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti, GeForce GTX 980 or GeForce GTX TITAN X

Extreme configuration
more than 64 GB RAM

For processing of extremely large data sets a dual socket Intel Xeon Workstation can be used.

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