RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera
  • RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera

Multispectral camera

Professional agricultural solution for scientists and researchers.

Five spectral bands
Five spectral bands
8 cm/pixel at 120 m (~400 ft)
8 cm/pixel
at 120 m (~400 ft)
Capability with Geoscan Planner and Agisoft Metashape software
Capability with Geoscan Planner and Agisoft Metashape software
Создание индексных карт и ортофотопланов в естественных цветах (RGB) за один полет
Ability to index maps and orthophotos
in natural colors (RGB) after one flight

For sale only as part of the Geoscan 201 and Geoscan 401 uavs.

Camera Micasence
RedEdge-MX - even better now

RedEdge-MX is a multispectral camera made by Micasense company (USA). That model known by excellent value for money. New RedEdge-MX doesn't have any problems with overheat and RGB images processing.

Camera's kit is included new upgraded Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS2).

Camera's shots

Agisoft Metashape has some automatic functions for RedEdge-MX data processing.

For example, Metashape can detect QR-bars, that used for calibration. Information from downwelling light sensor automaticlly copied from photos metadata.

Laptop for data processing

Application with UAVs

The RedEdge-MX camera is capable of Geoscan and other UAVs. We recommended using it with Geoscan 201 series with a special CAN bus for many types of payloads.

Captures five narrow spectral bands. Some of them is not available for other RGB and IR cameras

You can change pixel radiance digital number (DN) to coefficients of spectral radiance by using data about sensors and sunlight calibration

Survey data can de used for to make composite raster images, pseudo color combinations with red edge channel to separate cultivated plants and weeds

Wavelengths 10-40 nm

Way to calculate vegetation indices

Automatic correction of edge shading (vignetting) in Agisoft Metashape


231.9 g - with DLS 2 sensor and cables
Разрешение матрицы
1.2 MP per EO band
Shutter type
Shutter type
global shutter
Capture Rate
Capture Rate
RAW 12-bit / TIFF
Фокусное расстояние объективов
Focal Length
5.5 mm
Возможность съемки в RGB
RGB Output


(475/20 nm)
(560/20 nm)
(668/10 nm)
Red edge
Red edge
(717/10 nm)
(840/40 nm)

Exterior elements


Micasense RedEdge-MX data processing report

Report on the results of aerial photography and photogrammetric processing of data obtained using the multispectral camera MicaSense RedEdge-MX, installed on the GEOSCAN 201 UAV.

Raw data

The Picture is shows information about raw data before processing. Color indicates the number of images overlaps (requires at least 3). Stable camera's shooting points and many overlaps indicate the high quality of the data.

Number of photos

Flight altitude
213 m

Shooting quality
14,8 cm/pix

Survey area
1,25 / 2 km

Number of shooting points

Connecting points


0,554 pix


Agisoft Metashape use data about sensors from metadata.
Five spectral channels are interprieted by software as individual cameras.

Camera model Resolution Focal Length Pixel size Calibration
Red Edge M-Blue 1280x960 5.5 mm 3,75 х 3,75 μm Yes
Red Edge M-Green 1280x960 5.5 mm 3,75 х 3,75 μm Yes
Red Edge M-Red 1280x960 5.5 mm 3,75 х 3,75 μm Yes
Red Edge M-NIR 1280x960 5.5 mm 3,75 х 3,75 μm Yes
Red Edge M-red Edge 1280x960 5.5 mm 3,75 х 3,75 μm Yes
Camera model
Red Edge M-Blue / M-Green / M-Red / M-NIR / M-red Edge
Resolution 1280x960
Focal Length 5.5 mm
Pixel size 3,75 х 3,75 μm
Calibration Yes

The picture is shows offsets of points for RedEdge-M, Red edge (5.5mm).

RedEdge-M, Red edge (5.5mm)
288 photos, calibrated

Time-lapse shooting

1280 x 960

Focal Length
5.5 mm

Pixel size
3.75 x 3.75 μm

Схема калибровка камеры

The calibration coefficients and the correlation matrix

  Value Inaccuracy F Cx Cy K1 K2 K3 P1 P2
F 1455.79 1.6 1.00 0.16 -0.54 -0.18 0.09 -0.04 -0.05 0.17
Cx 2.35938 0.26   1.00 -0.11 -0.02 0.00 0.00 0.58 0.05
Cy 5.19984 0.29     1.00 0.08 -0.03 0.01 0.04 0.40
K1 -0.10256 0.0015       1.00 -0.96 0.91 0.01 -0.05
K2 0.145115 0.012         1.00 -0.98 -0.01 0.01
K3 -0.0227209 0.031           1.00 0.00 -0.01
P1 7.08109e-005 4.5e-005             1.00 -0.01
P2 0.000111377 4.5e-005               1.00

The image shows shooting positions and offsets of shooting. Error on Z is shown by ellipse color. Errors in plan are shown by ellipse form. The calculated shooting positions are marked by black dots.

Offsets of the camera position

X (m) 0.491164
Y (m) 4.22814
Z (m) 0.393888
XY (m) 4.25657
Total (m) 4.27476

X - Length, Y - Width, Z - Height.

Схема позиции съемки

The image shows a calculated digital model of the area.

1.74 m/pix
Points density:
0.329 points/m2
Схема цифровой модели местности
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