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Geoscan Gemini


High-performance Geoscan Gemini for aerial surveys ensures the accuracy down to 5 cm.

horizontal accuracy

Down to 5 cm horizontal accuracy

flight time

Up to 40 min
flight time


Survey up to 150 ha per flight with a GSD of 3 cm/px

camera with APS-C image sensor

20.1 MP camera with APS-C image sensor

flight distance

Up to 30 km flight distance

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Geoscan Gemini provides aerial photography with high-precision spatial data.

Map outputs:

  • 3D point cloud
  • Digital surface and terrain model (DSM, DTM)
  • Orthomosaic map
  • 3D textured polygonal model of surveyed area objects
Top efficiency

Gemini covers up to 150 ha per flight with a GSD of 3 cm/px using route optimization and the algorithm for maintaining maximum limit speed depending on wind load.

Flight time
Flight time

up to 40 min

Flight distance
Flight distance

up to 30 km

High precision GNSS positioning in motion

А built-in high-accuracy GNSS receiver can operate with GPS/GLONASS systems at L1/L2 frequencies. It allows achieving 1.5* cm accuracy of projection centers coordinates using PPK/PPP methods even with long baselines.

*actual accuracy depends on baseline length and measurement conditions (ionosphere, troposphere, visible satellites geometry, and multipath effect).

coordinates accuracy
Coordinates accuracy

up to 1.5 cm

Large sensor benefits

Gemini guarantees the best image quality with a 20-megapixel APS-C image sensor. Sony UMC-R10C can take high-quality pictures with less noise and higher dynamic range, even in low light conditions for obtaining more flight hours per day.

Each camera is precisely calibrated.

20-megapixel APS-C image sensor

Image outputs

Sony UMC-R10C

  • Altitude: 141 m
  • GSD: 3 cm/px
Download the full-size image

Sony UMC-R10C

  • Altitude: 141 m
  • GSD: 3 cm/px
Download the full-size image
Easy to operate

Flight mission management
in Geoscan Planner


Safety checklist before


Flight task execution


Geotagging photos and


Calculation of accurate
projection center coordinates and photogrammetric plotting

Automated aerial photography process

Simply select the area and set parameters needed to start an aerial survey. The flight plan will be loaded to autopilot, and you need only to confirm the launch. Gemini will perform the mission with the specified altitude and images overlap. Captured images are automatically saved in on board SD memory card.

Geoscan Planner

Manage your flight mission in Geoscan Planner for surveying areal and linear objects, using various flight modes (by points, based on terrain, etc.). Import kml and kmz files, use different cartographic bases, control the flight, and adjust the mission while working with the drone. After the flight is completed, the software creates a RINEX-file with the timestamps of photo moments.


  • 3D framework for creating terrain-oriented flight tasks
  • User’s maps and bases import (wms, wmts, tiff, kmz, tls)
  • Automatiс flight task construction according to kml-files
  • Camera setup
  • Multiple coordinate systems
  • Distant manual operating
  • Playback mode
Geoscan Planner на ноутбуке

Reliable operation

routing algorithm provides fail-safe flight
routing algorithm provides fail-safe flight

No-magnet-compass routing algorithm provides fail-safe flight in magnetic anomaly conditions, which widens drone’s capabilities.

Radio link
Radio link
Radio link allows surveying distant and extended objects keeping the drone under control up to 5 km away.
compact shatterproof case
compact shatterproof case
The compact shatterproof case with IP67 protection index guarantees safe transportation. The case can hold up to 5 batteries to extend your performance.
Safe take-off and landing
Safe take-off and landing
Safe take-off and landing in the unstable GNSS signal conditions are guaranteed by precise positioning system, consisted of optical flow sensor and ultrasonic detectors.
Smart rechargeable battery
Smart rechargeable battery
Smart rechargeable battery provides comfortable and reliable usage of drones. LED indicator displays the current level of charge while integrated balancing function helps the battery live longer.


Aerial vehicle type multirotor
Motors electric brushless motors, 4 PCs
Weight (battery & propellers included) 1.9 kg
Diagonal size (excluding propellers) 550 mm
Max. flight time 40 min
Max. flight speed vertical 5 m/s
horizontal 15 m/s
Max. flight altitude (ASL) 4000 m
Max. flight altitude (AGL) 500 m
Max. wind resistance 10 m/s
Operating temperature -15 to 40 °С
Max. resolution 5456 × 3632 (20.1 MP)
Sensor size APS-C (23.2 × 15.4 mm)
Shutter type mechanical, shutter speed, focal-plane
Focal length 20 mm
Max. aperture f/2,8
ISO range 100 – 16000
Mechanical shutter speed 1/4000 – 30 s
Camera center offset
(relative to the phase center
of the onboard GNSS antenna)
Х: 0 м
Y: -0,0721 м
Z: 0,0953 м
Number of channels 226 universal tracking channels
Acquisition time (hot/cold start) <15 / <44 sec
Signals tracked GPS: L1/L2; GLONASS: L1/L2
Positioning accuracy (PPK) horizontal: 5 mm+0.5 ppm×baseline length
vertical: 10 mm+0.8 ppm×baseline length
Operating frequency 867.75 – 872.25 MHz
Transmitting power <100 mW
Max. bandwidth 500 kb/s
Max. delay 20 ms
Duplexing mode TDD
Max. range 5 km
Battery type Li-Ion
Voltage 21.6 V
Weight 710 g
Capacity 6700 mAh
Energy 144.7 Wh
Operating temperature -15 to 40 °С
Input voltage ~100 – 240 V
Input current 1 A
Max. charge current 6 A
Max. discharge current 120 mA
Charging time (95% level) 75 min
Charging time (100% level) 105 min
Operating temperatures 0 to 40 °С
Dimensions 638 × 505 × 224 mm
Weight (including all parts of the system) 10 kg
Protection class IP67
Wheeled no
Smiornov Design
Product design – Smirnov Design

History of creation


Технические характеристики


User‘s manual
User‘s manual


Package content:

Transport case
Transport case
Battery charger
Battery charger
USB Type-C cable
USB Type-C cable
32 Gb SD memory card
32 Gb SD memory card
Radio modem
Radio modem
Geoscan Gemini UAV
Geoscan Gemini UAV
2 Flight Battery
Flight Battery, 2 pcs
Propellers, 6 pcs
Propellers, 3 pairs
Package content:

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