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Geoscan 101 Geodesy

Geoscan 101 Geodesy
  • Geoscan 101 Geodesy Geoscan 101 Geodesy Geoscan 101 Geodesy Geoscan 101 Geodesy Geoscan 101 Geodesy

Geoscan 101 Geodesy

Complex solution for aerial surveying.

Flight duration
Flight time
up to 1 hour
Survey area
Coverage per flight
3-9 km2

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Geoscan 101 Geodesy is equipped with automatic control system (autopilot), inertial navigation system, payload controller, digital radio link for command/telemetry  transmission and a high-precision Topcon geodetic GNSS receiver (L1-L2, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou).

Theoretical and practical system operation training in Saint-Petersburg is included in the price.

Download the Geoscan 101 Geodesy operation manual:

Equipment list

  1. Fuselage
  2. Left wing console
  3. Command radio link stand
  4. Padding
  5. Right wing console
  6. Radio link modem
  7. Laptop charger
  8. GCS laptop
  9. LiPo battery charger
  10. Laptop stand
  11. LiPo battery
  12. Spare parachute
  13. Fins
  14. Repair kit
Geoscan 101 package contents
Geoscan Planner

Control without RC transmitter

Geospan Planner software allows to create flight missions for areal surveys of terrain and linear objects in different flight modes (point-by-point, areal survey, etc.). You can easily upload your map layers to .kml and .kmz files.

The software will automatically generate flight missions, send flight path to UAV, and track flight status in real-time. All you need is to select the area on the map or upload your flight path.

Main specifications

Flight duration
Flight time:

up to 1 hour

Max.flight route length
Max.flight route length:

70 km

Survey area per one flight
Coverage per flight:

at 3-10 cm GSD: 3-9 km2

Wind resistance
Wind resistance:

12 m/s

Cruise speed
Cruise speed:

64-130 km/h

Weigth ( and battery):

3,1 kg

Max. payload weight
Max. payload weight:

0,8 kg


138 cm

Min. safe flight altitude
Min. safe flight altitude:

100 m

Max. flight altitude
Max. flight altitude:

4000 m

Operating temperatures
Operating temperatures:

from -20 to +40 °С
(optional extension to -40 °С available)


electric, brushless


launcher/parachute, automatic

Geoscan 101 equipment

Geoscan 101 Geodesy package contents

Geoscan 101 Geodesy kit includes unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), ground control station (GCS) and launcher in transport bag.

Basic package consist of

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Geoscan 101 Geodesy:
    • Upgraded digital camera Sony DSC-RX1RII (42.4 MPix, 35 mm lens, full-size matrix, central shutter)
    • Triple-system (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou) Topcon GNSS receiver with dual band (L1/L2) antenna
    • Battery 4S, 11300 mAh
    • UAV transport case (IP67, size: 80x52x31 cm, gr.weight.: 20,5 kg)
    • Folding rack for UAV assembly
  • Flight management(or ground control station) software : Geoscan Planner
  • Radio Link modem
  • Battery charger
  • Launcher in transport bag (size:115x19x16 cm, gr.weight.: 7 kg)
  • Spares and accessories kit

Extra equipment

  • GPS/GSM tracker
  • Rugged laptop
  • Additional Geoscan 101 UAV
  • «Arctic» modification (extends operational temperature range to -40°С/+20°С)

Software to consider

Operator Training in St. Petersburg

  • Introduction to Geoscan UAV & workflow
  • Flight planning & management with Geoscan Planner
  • Practical work in the field
1 Year / 80 flights warranty
System operation training course
Unlimited technical support
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