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Geoscan 201

System, designed for surveys of vast territories and linear-extended objects.

Geoscan 201 Pro

Complete solution for aerial photographic survey and 3D modeling. Includes software for photogrammetric processing Photoscan Pro, 1 year technical support (50 hours) and extended 80 flights warranty.

Geoscan 201 Video

UAV for real time video monitoring.

Geoscan 201 Agro

Special solution for agriculture

Geoscan 201 series models comparison

Options / Model 201 201 Pro 201 Video 201 Agro
Basic payload Sony A5000 Sony A5000 Digital data link Sony A5000 and multi-spectral camera
payload options
Second photo camera and
Thermal imager
Second photo camera and
Thermal imager
Video and photo system -
Foldable catapult
Laptop with the software
Modem for communication with UAV
Charging device
Battery 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.)
Transportation case 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.) 2 (pcs.)
UAV operation training course
Warranty 1 year / 50 flights 1 year / 80 flights 1 year / 80 flights 1 year / 80 flights
Demo-version of Agisoft PhotoScan Pro installed on Ground control station
Pre-installed licensed Agisoft PhotoScan Pro on the user’s PC - depending on payload
Agisoft Photoscan Pro technical support -
Additional supplied software - - - «Sputnik AGRO»
8 800 333-84-77
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