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Geoscan 201 Base

Geoscan 201 Base
  • Geoscan 201 Base Geoscan 201 Base Geoscan 201 Base Geoscan 201 Base Geoscan 201 Base

Geoscan 201 Base

An unmanned aerial survey system featuring 3 hour flight time and a wide choice of payload.

Flight duration
Flight time
up to 3 hours
Survey area
Coverage per flight
7-22 km2

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System description

Geoscan 201 is an automated complex for the aerial photography, which combines the simplicity and functionality of Geoscan 101 with the extended - up to 3 hours - flight time. This allows not just to survey more in one flight, but to survey different sites from a single takeoff point, additionally reducing logistics costs.

Image samples

Sony Alpha A6000

  • Altitude: 509 m
  • Date: 06.2016
  • Weather: clear

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Sony Alpha A6000

  • Altitude: 507 m
  • Date: 06.2016
  • Weather: clear

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What's in the case

  1. Assembly stand
  2. Fuselage
  3. 120 mm tubes
  4. 220 mm tubes
  5. 610 mm tubes
  6. Fuselage rack
  7. Left centre-section wing
  8. Right centre-section wing
  9. Left wingtip
  10. Right wingtip
  11. Fins
  12. Radio link modem
Geoscan 201 package contents
Ground control station
Ground control station

Automatic control

The system is equipped with a ground control station with a flight planning software “Geoscan Planner”.

With Geoscan Planner you can easily set up survey parameters, specify landing point, perform a preflight system check and launch the UAV. During the flight, operator can see real time telemetry and location of the aircraft.

After the flight, obtained images might be imported into the Geoscan Planner and viewed along the flight path.

Basic characteristics

Flight duration
Flight time:

up to 3 hours

Max. route length
Max. flight route length:

210 km

Survey area per one flight
Coverage per flight:

at a 3-10 cm/pix resolution: 7-22 km2

Max. allowable wind speed
Wind tolerance:

12 m/s

Flight speed
Flight speed:

64-130 km/h

Max. takeoff weight
Max. takeoff weight:

8,5 kg

Max. payload weight
Max. payload weight:

1,5 kg

Wing span

Wingspan - 222 cm

Min. safe flight altitude
Min. safe flight altitude:

100 m

Max. flight altitude
Max. flight altitude:

4000 m

Operating temperatures
Operating temperatures:

from -20 to +40 °С
(optional extension to -40 °С available)


electric, brushless


catapult/parachute, automatically

Geoscan 201 equipment

Geoscan 201 package contents

Geoscan 201 system includes two protective transportation cases: one for UAV and one for GCS and accessories – and also a cover for a foldable catapult.

What's included

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Geoscan 201
  • Upgraded digital camera Sony A6000 with focal plane shutter (24 Mpix, 20 mm lens)
  • Battery with a protection system - 1 pc. (recommendations on the use of batteries)
  • Foldable catapult in a cover (size:120x25x20 cm, gr.wt.: 11 kg)
  • Spares and accessories kit
  • Ground control station:
    • Laptop with Geoscan Planner software for flight planning and Metashape Professional software (demo-version)
    • Radio link modem for connection to UAV
    • Charging station (charging station fits in the ground control station case )
    • Protective IP67 case for the ground control station (size: 100x42x18 cm, gr.wt.: 20,5 kg)
  • Protective IP67 case for the UAV transportation (size: 80x52x31 cm, gr.wt.: 18,5 kg)
  • User manual
  • System operation training course in Saint-Petersburg

Additional equipment

  • Rugged laptop
  • Additional UAV Geoscan 201 (glider, electronics, data link control/telemetry, protective IP67 container, spares and accessories kit)
  • «Arctic» modification (extension of the operational temperature range to -40°С/+20°С)

Additional software


  • 1 year/80 flights warranty
1 Year / 80 flights warranty
System operation training course
Unlimited technical support
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