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Geoscan 401 Lidar

Geoscan 401 Lidar
  • Geoscan 401 Lidar Geoscan 401 Lidar Geoscan 401 Lidar Geoscan 401 Lidar Geoscan 401 Lidar Geoscan 401 Lidar

Geoscan 401 Lidar

The unmanned aerial system is designed to quickly and accurately scan areas and generate digital elevation models (DEM) without vegetation layer.

Flight time
Flight time
up to 40 minutes
Survey area per flight
Survey area per flight
0,74 - 1,7 km2


Geoscan 401 Lidar system with an AGM-MS laser scanner and a Sony A6000 camera

System description

The Geoscan 401 Lidar system can take off from a 5 m radius site, work in confined space and accurately bend round relief. It carries an AGM-MS laser scanner and a Sony A6000 camera with a 20 mm lens. The system allows to survey forests and areas with tall vegetation, sites with elevation differences and vertical surfaces, and acquire 3D relief models.

An onboard Novatel GNSS-receiver and a professional Sony camera help create high precision geotagged orthomosaic maps and 3D models of sites or separate objects.

Геоскан 401 Лидар

Work stages

  1. Aerial survey using the AGM-MS scanner and the Sony A6000 camera
  2. UAV flight kinematics processing
  3. Point clouds balancing
  4. Classification of point clouds, acquisition of orthomosaic map and digital relief model
  5. Analysis, construction of topographic maps and 3D models

Laser scanner for UAV AGM-MS2

Entry level airborne laser scanner for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

AGM-MS2 is an entry-level system for:

  • engineering surveys;
  • creation of three-dimensional models of infrastructure objects;
  • design;
  • mine surveying;
  • and others.
More about laser scanner
Laser scanner for UAV AGM-MS

Laser scanner for UAV AGM-MS3

Cost-effective multifunctional solution for mobile and airborne laser scanning from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Usual applications: engineering surveys; creating three-dimensional models of infrastructure objects; inventory and diagnostics of the roads and railways; creating GIS for various purposes; mine surveying; and others.

The weight of the laser scanner for the UAV is 1.5 kg, which makes it easy to install it on a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles. The AGM-MS3 laser scanner is designed for fully autonomous operation with minimal operator involvement, which makes survey easy, fast and convenient. The ability to integrate external cameras – from panoramic to thermal imaging, opens an unlimited number of applications.

More about laser scanner
Laser scanner for UAV AGM-MS3

Geoscan 401 Lidar
video review

Geoscan Planner


  • Agisoft Metashape
  • Terra Solid, GloudCompare and other
  • Navatel Inertional Explorer, AGM Inertional Explorer
  • ScanWorks


Flight time
Flight time:

up to 40 min

Survey area
Survey area:

0,74 - 1,7 km2

Maximum wind speed
Maximum wind speed:

12 m/s

Flight speed
Flight speed:

0-50 km/h


Folded: 71x20x19 cm
Unfolded: 150x150x56 cm

Minimum safe flight altitude
Minimum safe flight altitude:

25 m

Most efficient flight altitude
Most efficient flight altitude:

up to 160 m

Operating temperature
Operating temperature:

from -20 to +40 °С
(extra option allows temperature resistance down to -40 °С)


electric / 4 pcs

Take-off / landing
Take-off / landing:

vertical, automatic, 5 m radius site

Laser scanner operating temperature
Laser scanner operating temperature:

from -10 to +55 °С

Technical pecifications laser scanner

Model AGM-MS3.200 AGM-MS3.100 AGM-MS2.200 AGM-MS2.100
Scanning frequency Up to 600 kHz 300 kHz Up to 600 kHz 300 kHz
Maximum range Up to 200 m Up to 100 m Up to 200 m 100 м
Working long range Up to 160 m Up to 70 m Up to 160 m Up to 70 m
Angle of view Up to 360 degrees Up to 360 degrees Up to 360 degrees 360 degrees
Scanning mirror rotation speed Up to 20 rps Up to 20 rps Up to 20 rps 20 rps
Range accuracy 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm
Coordinate determination accuracy 3-5 cm 3-5 cm 7 cm 7 cm
Sensor unit dimensions From 124х124х130 mm From 124х124х130 mm 124х124х140 mm 124х124х140 mm
Sensor unit weight From 1.25 Kg From 1.25 Kg 1.26 Kg 1.26 Kg
Use temperature -20...+55 °c -10...+60 °c -20...+60 °c -10...+60 °c
Discreteness of GNSS receiver 20 Hz 20 Hz 5 Hz 5 Hz
Camera control from the system Geoscan/AGM Geoscan/AGM Geoscan Geoscan
Measuring Instrument Certificate Yes Yes No No

Default kit

  • Geoscan 401 Lidar UAV
  • AGM laser scanner (selected modification)
  • ScanWorks software for processing scanner data
  • 2 rechargeable batteries for Geoscan 401
  • Charger with the ability to charge two batteries
  • Consultation on working with the complex and laser scanning data


  • Sony A6000 20 mm camera with bracing to the AGM laser scanner
  • Double-axis mount with an updated Sony DSC-RX1RM2 camera
  • Consultation on working with software for office data processing (Agisoft Metashape Pro, Magnet Office tools (consultation period: 2 working days))
  • Inertial Explorer software for data processing
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