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Geoscan 401 Video

Geoscan 401 Video
  • Geoscan 401 Video Geoscan 401 Video Geoscan 401 Video Geoscan 401 Video Geoscan 401 Video

Geoscan 401 Video

A system with vertical take-off and landing, able of working in a confined space.

Flight duration
Flight duration
up to 1 hour
Max. route length
Max. route length
24 km

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Complex overview

Universal platform with broadband OFDM transmitter. Geoscan 401 video is capable of transmitting a signal from the payload at a distance of up to 15 km, performing aerial video surveillance and thermal imaging in real time or obtaining aerial photographs during the flight. Vertical takeoff and landing allows to work in a confined space.


Assembly and operation of the complex:

Video examples

Ground control station
Ground control station

Automatic control

System is equipped with ground control station with preinstalled Geoscan Planner software.

Program allows to perform preflight preparation, select the preferred surveying parameters, launch the UAV and select the landing point. During the flight task execution, the operator is provided with telemetry and information about the conditions of the UAV.

After the flight completion the received images can be downloaded to the program interface and any image of the flight along the route may be viewed.

Basic characteristics

Flight duration
Flight duration:

up to 1 hour

Max. route length
Max. route length:

24 km

Max. allowable wind speed
Wind speed tolerance:

12 m/s

Flight speed
Flight velocity:

0-50 km/h

Max. takeoff weight
Max. takeoff weight:

9,3 kg

Max. payload weight
Max. payload weight:

2,5 kg


Folded: 70х25х20 cm
Ready-to-flight: 150х150х43 cm

Min. safe flight altitude
Min. safe flight altitude:

From 25 m

Max. flight altitude
Max. flight altitude:

500 m

Operating temperatures
Operating temperatures:

from -20°С to +40 °С
(optional expansion up to -40°С)


electric/ 4 motors


vertical, automatic

Geoscan 401 equipment

Geoscan 401 equipment

Geoscan 401 equipment includes protective containers IP67, one of which contains charging station, and another one - ground control station and UAV.

What's included in the equipment by default

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Geoscan 401
  • Accumulator battery with a protection system - 1 pc. (recommendations on the use of batteries)
  • Spares and accessories kit
  • Ground station for the video monitoring control (size: 100x42x18 cm, gr. wt.: 20,5 kg):
    • Laptop with installed Geoscan Planner software for the flight task scheduling and Metashape Professional software (demo-version)
    • Radio link modem for connection with UAV
    • Joystick camera controller and additional monitor for the video and thermal images display
    • Digital broadband video receiver
  • Planar antenna in protective case IP67 (size 50x40x19 cm, gr. wt.: 6.2 kg)
  • Charging station in IP67 protective container (sizes 50x40x19 cm, weight without batteries: 7.5 kg)
  • Protective container IP67 for the UAV transportation (size: 80x52x31 cm, gr.wt.: 16 kg)
  • Manual
  • Training course in Saint-Petersburg on the complex operation

Additional equipment

  • Additional quadcopter Geoscan 401 (quadcopter, electronics, onboard digital transmitter for the video and thermal images, data link control/telemetry, protective IP67 container, spares and accessories kit, without payload)
  • «Arctic» modification (extension of the temperature range from -40 to +20)

Additional software

Warranty on the complex

  • 1 year/80 flights warranty
1 Year / 80 flights warranty
Training course on the complex operation
Unlimited technical support
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