Geoscan Lite

Geoscan Lite is a professional solution for everyone who needs to observe the area in details. It is applied for fast and accurate data acquisition in agriculture, geodesy, ecological survey and construction.

Use captured photos to create elevation model or 3D model.


User manual:
Sony alfa 6000 camera

Sony α6000 camera is mounted onboard.

Flight stability

Flight stability excludes any blurry images.

increase the area

Geoscan Lite can shoot 3 km2 in just 1 hour, achieving 2,6 cm/pixel precision. You can increase the area up to 9 km2, but with the cost of precision.

automaticly flight

It takes 10 minutes to deploy, while the whole flight is autonomous.

Remote control via laptop

Your laptop turns into ground control station in a single click with Geoscan Planner. You can plan the flight, run diagnostics and keep track of the telemetry signals on the same screen.

Select the surveying area and let the application do the rest. Also, you can use Geoscan Planner to look through the pictures immediately after the landing.

Geoscan Planner in your laptop
Easy to get airborne

Assemble the UAV, set it onto the launcher and perform the launch.

The take-off is guaranteed, no matter what the weather or wind direction is. Geoscan Lite aerodynamics allows it to fly in tough conditions. It won’t stall or deviate from the route. UAV will open the parachute and descend smoothly to a selected point after finished the flight mission.

Simple processing

Geoscan Planner creates a flight report with georeferenced photos. Upload them to Agisoft Metashape to create terrain surface or 3D model.

Use Sputnik GIS for spatial data visualization and analysis. This way, every detail can be clearly seen, edited and shared with anyone else.

Geoscan Planner на ноутбуке
Geoscan Planner, Metashape, Sputnik

A lightweight bag allows you to pack the drone in a compact manner, protecting it from rain, snow and dust. With wide comfortable strap and low weight you’ll be able to travel comfortably with the drone.

Launcher can be easily packed in a soft protection case and stored until next flight.

Main specifications

Flight duration
Flight time:

up to 1 hour

Max.flight route length
Max.flight route length:

70 km

Survey area per one flight
Coverage per flight:

at 3-10 cm/pix resolution: 3-9 km2

Wind speed tolerance
Wind speed tolerance:

12 m/s

Flight speed
Flight speed:

64-130 km/h

Weigth ( and battery)
Weigth ( and battery):

3,1 kg


138 cm

Min. safe flight altitude
Min. safe flight altitude:

100 m

Max. flight altitude
Max. flight altitude:

4000 m

Operating temperatures
Operating temperatures:

from -20 to +40 °С
extra option "Arctic" allow temperature resistance down to -40 °С


electric, brushless


launcher/parachute, automatic

What’s included

Geoscan Lite
Geoscan Lite - unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
ПО для планирования полетного задания Geoscan Planner
Geoscan Planner software
Battery 2 pcs. 4S, 11300 mAh
Spare parts and accessories kit
Spare parts and accessories kit
Charging station
Charging station
Radio link modem for connection to UAV
Command radio link modem
Foldable catapult
Foldable launcher in transport bag (size:115x19x16 cm, gr.weigh.: 7 kg)
Раскладная подставка для сборки планера
Folding rack for UAV assembly
Transport bag
What’s included
Supported software:
  • Agisoft Metashape Professional
  • GIS Sputnik
  • GIS Sputnik Agro
Additional service:
  • UAV training course
  • Software training course

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