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Geoscan Pioneer Max

Geoscan Pioneer Max
  • Geoscan Pioneer Max Geoscan Pioneer Max Геоскан Пионер Макс Геоскан Пионер Макс

Geoscan Pioneer Max

Multifunctional modular drone kit

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Modular and programmable drone kit helps you in education and other fields.

Geoscan Pioneer Max is based on an open architecture that provides many opportunities for drone upgrading. Open source software and modular structure of the platform provide great potential for applications.

User could practically study several school subjects, developing skills in programming, physics and mathematics.

Geoscan Pioneer Max

One drone — many applications:

  • Using the drone kit in the educational programms with different duration and complexity;
  • The ability to take part in WorldSkills and WRO;
  • Working with an applied tasks in arieal survey, monitoring and cargo delivery;
  • Creative skills improvement in digital art, drone show, media and DIY-projects.

With Geoscan Pioneer Max

  • Open the general constuction concept and the basic operating principles of drones;
  • Study the ways of drone programming;
  • Learn how to programme electronic devices;
  • Explore MV and Al technologies with Geoscan Pioneer Max.


  • Open source software;
  • Modular architecture;
  • Applications in a wide range of fields;
  • Drone studying can be based on guides;
  • Flight controller is capable with MV cameras;
  • Ability to work with payloads.


flight time
Flight time

Up to 25 min

Flight speed
Flight speed:

Up to 30 km/h


1000 g


440х340х125 mm

Hybrid camera
Hybrid camera

8MP Video resolution: 3840x2160 px

Flight distance
Flight distance

Up to 200 m

MV camera
MV camera

5 MP


4 brushless


LiPo 3S 5100 mAh

RC Transmitter:

2.4 GHz

Package content

  • Flight controller board;
  • Propellers;
  • Motors;
  • Frame with propeller guards;
  • Camera module;
  • Machine vision camera;
  • Raspberry Pi 4;
  • GPS/GPLONASS navigation module;
  • IR navigation module;
  • LiPo 3S battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • RC Transmitter.
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