In 2020, Geoscan completed a project to survey the forests of Armenia. The customer was the Forestry Committee of the Ministry of Environment of Armenia. The purpose of the work is to draw up forest management plans. Geoscan was a technical contractor for aerial photography and material processing. In total, about 320 km2 were surveyed from July to August. The survey was carried out in the RGB and multispectral ranges using Geoscan 201.

In parallel, the survey of vineyards for the Fund of Winemaking and Viticulture of Armenia was conducted in order to carry out an inventory and establish the cadastral boundaries of vineyards. About 60 000 hectares of vineyards were surveyed on the territory of Armenia.

In 2019, Geoscan, together with the administration of Yerevan, carried out a pilot project for surveying and inventorying the central district of Yerevan. As a result of the work, orthophotos were acquired (with a spatial resolution of 5 cm/pix and an accuracy of 10 cm in plan) and a three-dimensional model. More than a hundred breaches of land use boundaries and land development rules were found. Based on the data received, the Administration formed a plan of control measures to eliminate the identified breaches, carry out work to establish the boundaries of lands and a project for the development and improvement of the territory. These results were demonstrated to the Mayor of Yerevan and the Chief Architect, and in the future will be included in the ISPUD (information system for providing urban development) in Yerevan.