For several years, EuroChem-VolgaKaliy Company has been building the Gremyachinsky mining and processing plant, a city-forming enterprise in Kotelnikovsky district of Volgograd province. As the construction of the surface complex facilities is completed, work is underway to improve the territory of the industrial site. In connection with the aforementioned transformations that the territory of the enterprise is undergoing, there is a need to update the digital cartographic base, and remote sensing seems to be the best option for solving this problem.

The solution

Aerial photography of the territory of the Gremyachinsk field GOK with a total area of ​​223 sq km was carried out by using UAV Geoscan 201 Geodesy. After processing 11 500 photos in Agisoft Metashape Professional software the customer received:

  • Orthophotos in GeoTIFF format with resolution 15 cm/pix and MSE 50 cm;
  • DEM in GeoTIFF format;
  • 3D model of the area in TLS format.


After the project was carried out, the digital cartographic basis of the territory was updated, the high accuracy of the materials made it possible to use them to enter information into the USRER (Unique State Real Estate Register). In addition, options for the placement of infrastructure facilities for further improvement of the territory were assessed.