The development of unique digital platform for effective management of urban economy.

The solution

To solve this problem, in cooperation with Megafon, PJSC and St. Petersburg Geoscan developed a unique web platform. It was based on the digital twin of the city. Aerial photography of the territory of Kronstadt was carried out, and the obtained images were processed in Agisoft Metashape Pro software. Vector layers were created and filled with semantic information.


  • City orthophotos with resolution 5 cm/pix and MSE 10 cm
  • Precise measured 3D model of the city
  • DEM
  • 3D models of important objects of Kronstadt
  • Number of vector layers and attribute information about Kronstadt objects

The 3D model is hosted on the web platform. The analysis and diagnostics of the condition of all urban systems, housing and communal services, urban infrastructure were carried out, initial data and attributes of objects were collected. The data obtained are visualized on a digital double for faster perception and ease of use. The platform aggregates heterogeneous data, and it is able to provide it in the required form for making management decisions, moreover, geographically to each object or group of objects.