One of the main specializations and know-how of Geoscan company is high resolution geo-referenced 3D city modelling. In 2014 we accomplished a full aerial survey of the city of Tomsk from UAV. The project resulted in a hi-res photorealistic 3D model of the whole city featuring the total area of 320 km 2.

High-end technologies of Geoscan help urban planners, designers and managers in achieving a new level of spatial data understanding. This allows them to make better decisions, cut down costs and save time on a field work.



For example, obtained results already help to:

  • Manage and control the location of advertising structures
  • Manage and control the location of unstationary and temporary objects
  • Perform land use control and locate illegally occupied territories or construction sites
  • Maintain cadastral registration
  • Create informational services for citizens
  • Run emergency situations modelling and forecast, plan search and rescue operations , perform damage evaluation
  • Attract investors by appealing visual presentations, promote the city's image as an innovative and modern