Inventory of territories and capital construction buildings, creation of basis layer of ISPUD (information system for providing urban development)


The Geoscan Group of Companies performed aerial photography of 3 districts of Novgorod province with a total area of ​​6,600 km2 by using the Geoscan UAV. The images were processed in Agisoft Metashape. We received high-precision orthophotomaps and 3D models of the region's cities, and the administration provided the data of extracts from the USRER (Unique State Real Estate Register). On the basis of this information, the vectorization of the actual land use boundaries, address reconciliation and comparison with the data of Rosreestr (Russian Register) were carried out.

The solution

The portal with vector layers that the Novgorod province Administration might work with was created. After the inventory, 5291 cases of illegal occupation of land (total area was 260 ha) was revealed. According to results of conducting state land inspection, one-time economic benefit was worth 65 million rubles, with tax collection increasing for 300 000 rubles per year.

Additional effects, synergistic effects:

  • Awareness-raising about territory condition
  • Development of UECB (Unique Electronic Chart Basis)
  • Urban development
  • Identification of investment sites
  • Control of illegal construction
  • Control of agriculture
  • Control of forestry
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Increasing tourist attractiveness