Highly detailed, georeferenced 3D model of the city is a unique information product. It finds application in providing the information systems for urban development with basic information on the terrain. It is also used for the development of survey projects, update of topographic plans, large-scale mapping, land use control, environmental and operational tasks.


We provide the following materials based on the results of the works:


Dense point clouds

1 point per 1-16 pixels of the original image. OBJ, PLY, TXT, LAS, E57, U3D, OC3, PDF formats

3D models

Textured georeferenced model of environment. OBJ, 3DS, VRML, DXF, Collada DAE and PDF formats


Plane accuracy is 14 cm. As a single file or as as a tile system. GeoTIFF, JPG, PNG Google Earth KML\KMZ formats

Digital Environment Model (matrix of heights)

Height accuracy is 18 cm. As a single file or as as a tile system. Includes buildings and vegetation. GeoTIFF or KMZ formats

Additional materials:

  • Original photos
  • Coordinates of the reference and control points
  • Coordinates of the centers of photography and elements of orientation
  • Technical report
  • Passport for aerial photography
  • Calibration data of a digital aerial camera
  • Scheme of coverage by digital images
  • A copy of acts issued by the district military headquartes
  • Logs of aerial photo records
  • A copy of the technical commission Act

These works include:

  • obtaining permits for the aerial photography
  • preparation of geodetic basis
  • aerial photography using Geoscan UAV
  • examination of the aerial photography materials
  • creating a measurable 3D Model of the terrain, orthophoto and height matrix


О 3D model city in our blog:


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