High accuracy 2D plans with GPS georeferencing. These plans can be used for measurement (distances, areas etc …) and planning purposes as they are calibrated to match topography standards and are accurate to the nearest centimeter.

Point cloud

Realistic 3D representation of the environment thanks to georeferenced points. Each point contains GPS data on X, Y and Z. The cloud point obtained by photogrammetry offers a color representation which allows a faithful visualization of a site.

3D model

Textured georeferenced model of environment. You can fully interact with the model and use it to perform calculations, including measuring distance, area, and volume.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images are captured with drone cameras that can see in both the visual and the near-infrared spectrum. The images can provide critical data on plant health by measuring the current amount of chlorophyll in the vegetation.

Thermal map

A thermal imaging helps detect heat loss, find defects of equipment, locate leaks or points of wastewater discharge.