Aerial surveys results:


as a single file or as a tile system. GeoTIFF, JPG, PNG Google Earth KML\KMZ formats

Dense point cloud

1 point per 1-16 pixels of the original image. OBJ, PLY, TXT, LAS, E57, U3D, OC3, PDF formats

Digital Environment Model (matrix of heights)

as a single file or as as a tile system. Includes buildings and vegetation. GeoTIFF or KMZ formats

Processed Digital Terrain Model

as a single file or as as a tile system. Excludes buildings and vegetation. GeoTIFF or KMZ formats

3D model

textured georeferenced model of environment. OBJ, 3DS, VRML, DXF, Collada DAE and PDF formats

Technical features of products:

Title 5000 2000 1000 500
Corresponds to the scale 1:5000 1:2000 1:1000 1:500
Spatial resolution of the orthophoto 30 cm 15 cm 7 cm 5 cm
Plane accuracy of an orthophoto is not worse than* 200 cm 80 cm 40 cm 20 cm
Height accuracy of DEM and 3D Model is not worse than** 66 cm 33 cm 16 cm 16 cm

* that means the average errors in the plane position of the reference and control points of the created orthophoto will not exceed these values, which corresponds to the regulatory documents.

** these values characterize the accuracy of the surface model, including continuous vegetation, grass, snow, etc.

Aerial surveys and desk works include:

  • obtaining permits for the aerial photography
  • aerial photography using Geoscan UAV
  • creation of orthophotos of the required scale
  • creation of DEMs

The execution of works is usually carried out from 1 to 4 weeks from the date of prepayment. The deadlines can be extended due to significant workloads.