As KMZ file (plan accuracy not worse than 15 cm)
As TIFF or KMZ file (height accuracy not worse than 15 cm)
3D reconstruction of wires
Models are provided as KML file
Power lines inspection cards
Provided as XML file

Besides the report and all data sets a specialized GIS "Sputnik PTL" with uploaded survey results is provided.

“Sputnik PTL” is a convenient tool for power lines analysis and assessment

Our model allows you

  • measure slack of the wire and its clearance to earth;
  • measure the forestry area;
  • find out the vegetation dangerous to wires;
  • measure distances with respect to terrain;
  • measure slops, difference of height, ground distance;
  • measure the area on digital terrain model (DTM) and digital surface model (DSM);
  • export the reports as XML file;
  • render the trees impact zones.

Application fields

Prevention of emergency situations (dangerous vegetation, wire slack)
  • Monitor trees and shrubs dangerous to wires
  • Define the compliance of wire slack
  • Model the trees impact zones
Scheduled monitoring
  • Detect irregularities within exclusion zones of HVL
  • Monitor trees and shrubs growth
  • Measure wire clearance to earth
Power lines maintenance (maintenance, lines reengineering)
  • Plan the forest corridors widening
  • Plan ground maintenance
  • Plan power lines reengineering
  • Count the number of trees growing in exclusion zone
  • Measure the trees height and diameter of trunks
  • Zone trees and shrubs by height
  • Value the cut and slash