Thermography allows to perform monitoring with еру use of UAV even in difficult conditions of reduced visibility or in the dark. Order a thermal imaging to detect heat loss, find defects of equipment, locate leaks or points of wastewater discharge.

In order to obtain the most informative and stable results, we developed a technology of precise superposition of thermal images with visible images.

The surveys with the use of the new technology are carried out with the help of Geoscan 201 UAV. A thermal imager of the range of 8-14 mcm (long-wave IR range) and a camera for simultaneous aerial photography in the visible range are installed. The resulting infrared images in grayscale can be converted to pseudo-color image, where low temperatures correspond to dark colors, and the high ones correspond to bright colors:

Thermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS SputnikThermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS Sputnik

Thermal imaging can be successfully used to monitor heating networks, under or below the ground. It will help to increase the efficiency of heating networks, reduce heat loss and the number of accidents.

Thermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS SputnikThermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS Sputnik

Evaluation of the thermal efficiency of buildings and the search for heat leakages, which leads to a reduction of the cost of heating the buildings.
Thermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS Sputnik

Search for the objects with a high temperature: ignition and smoldering sources, overheated equipment – which are invisible on ordinary photos.
Thermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS Sputnik

The results of thermal imaging can also be presented in the form of a three-dimensional model:
Thermal imaging Geoscann 201 GIS Sputnik

Also, the data is available for online viewing in Sputnik Web:


The layer with thermal imaging mosaic in this example is semi-transparent, which simplifies the interpretation of the objects.

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