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What is that?

Drone light show is an advanced fireworks alternative.

It is safer and nicer. Drones will not cause fire or wake neighbor’s kids. People will appreciate this.

Small quadcopters rise into the sky during show. Bright lights make them visible from afar. We use dozens of these to create static and moving shapes.

This kind of show is suitable for events of any kind – from company anniversary to Olympic Games ceremony.

drones in beach


Low light conditions

Low light

Plan the launch after the sunset.

Takeoff site

Takeoff area

Drones should be 1 meter away from each other at takeoff.

7 minutes flighttime

10 minutes flight time

The swarm needs 2 minutes for takeoff and landing.

Wind less then 5 m/s

Wind less then 5 m/s

To prevent drone loss.


Temperature above 0 ℃

Cold shortens the flighttime.

Clear sky

Clear sky

Drones fly better without snow or rain.

Perform at:

Open air events

Use drone show to attract more attention


Music festivals

We can synch the flight with music

Laser shows

Drone swarm will make composition complete


Indoor flight

20 drones can fly around indoors with no risk for spectators


The flight is performed away from spectators. If necessary, operator can land the swarm instantly.


Contact us one month before launch, and we will work everything through.


To eliminate any issues, we will test the show beforehand.


500 drones launch in Moscow

On August, 3, our drone show took place in Moscow during grand celebration, dedicated to 80th anniversary of VDNH exhibition. 500 Geoscan Salute quadcopters took off in the night sky, and created images of VDNH main symbols and a flag of Russia.

Drone show,
Orhei, Moldova

In Moldova, a summer season was opened at Orhey-land amusement park. In the evening, after the ceremony, a new-developed Geoscan Salute modification was presented to public. This time, drones used RTK system for precise positioning. 100 drones have risen into the sky to create impressing light animation. The new system proved itself reliable and put the show on entirely new level.

Drone show, Moscow, Skolkovo

On 10 of July "Ostrov 10-22" educational session started at Skolkovo science center. Heads of departments and educational organisations from all over the country gathered to create effective teams and reorganise this area for future benefits.
At the beginning of the event, a massive drone show took place. Such harmony of art and technology inspired spectators, and proved new horizons are actually closer than we think.

Drone show, Dragon boat fest. Taiwan

On June, 7, a Dragon boat festival took place in Taiwan. This is a state-scale event which is celebrated for more than 2 millenia all over China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. Traditionally, a lot of events are held on this day. One of the most spectacular is race of dragon-decorated rowboats. This year, Geoscan Pioneer team joined the celebration, along with 70 show drones. The swarm raised in the air and created a breathtaking light performance above the city of Taiyuan. This launch attracted everyone's attention and made the holiday truely memorable.

120 drones in Anapa

The most widescale launch in 2018 took place on the Black sea coast.

Light Fest 2018

Laser show started with 60 drones flight. The swarm took off every hour after 6 pm. 980 000 people visited the event.

300 years park in St. Petersburg

Quadcopters took off in front of the tallest building in Europe. Unexpected launch caused reaction on social media.

Indoor flight

Suggest your show format, and we will make it happen.


Geoscan Salut

Geoscan Salute

station using drones

3d animation

We create animation in 3d editor. You can see it beforehand and change if necessary.