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Agisoft Metashape Professional

Professional software for photogrammetric
image processing and 3D modeling.

Flight duration
50 000
Survey area

  Compare to Metashape Standart


Professional solution for 3D photogrammetric models creation

Software possibilities

Agisoft Metashape Professional is a advanced software which broadens photogrammetry capabilities. Metashape can process RGB or multispectral images from any digital camera, including systems with multiple cameras. The software can transform images into dense point cloud, texturised polygonal models, geo-linked orthophotos and digital terrain models (DTM).

Professional approach

Results post-processing allows to exclude shadows and textures distortion from models surface, calculate vegetation indexes and create prescriptions for agricultural events, classify point clouds etc.


Image processing is fully automated. All you have to do is upload photos to the project and wait for results.

Popular formats support

You can save 3D models in any desired format: 3DS, OBJ, VRML, COLLADA, PLY, FBX, Alembic, Stanford PLY, STL, Autodesk FBX, Autodesk DXF (in shape of Polyline or 3DFace), U3D and Adobe PDF 3D.

Agisoft Metashape Professional box

Use Metashape for aerial photos


Point clouds

similar quality as laser scans


Highly detailed

surfaces in TIN or GRID models


Texturised 3D models

based on original images



with 1:500 precision

Professional photogrammetry is easy

Agisoft Metashape uses classic photogrammetry methods combined with modern algorithms.

These technologies allow to create versatile photo analysis and 3D modelling system with user-friendly interface. Automatic processing enables precise results with no additional effort..

At the same time, Metashape is extremely useful for professionals. You can control output model's quality with precise parameters setting, customise workspace for specific needs and use advanced functions, like stereo mode or Python scripts.

How it Agisoft Works


Cameras positioning

Cameras positioning

Cameras positioning

After uploading photos to Metashape, the software will automatically get cameras position and orientation for every shot, and will create base point cloud.


Point cloud

Point cloud

Point cloud

After that, Metashape creates dense point cloud based on calculated cameras positions. Dense point cloud can be cut/excluded and classified.


Polygonal model

Polygonal model

Polygonal model

Based on dense point cloud, a polygonal model is created. Two methods are used altitude map — for such surfaces as relief, and random — for surfaces of any kind. The model can be edited or exported.





To raise textures quality, Metashape uses automated image evaluation. Those rated less then 0.5 are recommended to be excluded from generated texture to make model's visual quality better.


What's new:

Creating models from depth maps

Image filtering helps to lower surface noise while keeping the smallest details.

Direct model creation based on depth maps helps to obtain object's true geometry.


Automatic classification

Agisoft Metashape now uses machine learning algorithms, solving more high-level tasks of interpretation and processed data analysis.

Semantic classification function gives the ability to sort points into classes as ground, buildings, vegetation, roads etc.

Cloud processing

Metashape is optimised for multicore processors and systems with multiple graphic cards for faster processing.

Distributed processing using server claster gives it the ability to perform calculations even faster, which is especially useful for big amounts of data.


Stereo mode

Agisoft Metashape Professional enables manual vectorisation in stereo pairs for anaglyph googles or special 3D-displays.

With Metashape 1.6 you can directly point stereo pair in "photo" tab to make stereo mode vectorisation easier.


Photogrammetric triangulation

Processing of various types of imagery: aerial (nadir, oblique) & close-range.

Auto calibration: frame (incl. fisheye), spherical & cylindrical cameras.

Multi camera projects support.

Dense point cloud: editing and classification

Elaborate model editing for accurate results. .

.LAS export to benefit from classical point data processing workflow.

Digital elevation model: DSM/DTM export

Digital Surface and/or Digital Terrain Model — depending on the project.

Georeferncing based on EXIF meta data/flight log: GPS/GCPs data.

EPSG registry coordinate systems support: WGS84, UTM, etc.

Georeferenced orthomosaic export

Georeferenced orthomosaic: most-GIS-compatible GeoTIFF format; .KML file to be located on Google Earth.

Export in blocks for huge projects.

Color correction for homogeneous texture.

Measurements: distances, areas, volumes

Inbuilt tools to measure distances, areas and volumes.

To perform more sophisticated metric analysis Metashape products can be smoothly transferred to external tools thanks to a variety of export formats.

Ground control points: high accuracy surveying

GCPs import to control accuracy of the results.

Coded/non-coded targets auto detection for fast GCPs input.

Scale bar tool to set reference distance without implementation of positioning equipment.

Python scripts: customize processing workflow

Full process automation

Python scripting suggests customization options: a parameters template for several similar data sets; intermediate processing results inspection; etc.

Multispectral imagery processing

RGB/NIR/thermal/multispectral imagery processing.

Fast reconstruction based on preferable channel.

Multichannel orthomosaic generation for built-in vegetation indices (NDVI) calculation and export.

3D model:generation and texturing

Various scenes: archaeological sites, artifacts, buildings, interiors, people, etc.

Direct upload Sketchfab resource and export to varios popular formats.

Photorealistic textures: HDR and multifile support.

4D modeling for dynamic scenes

Multi camera station data processing for creative projects in cinemato- graphic art, game industry, etc.

Basis for numerous visual effects.

Panorama stitching

3D reconstruction for data captured from the same camera position — camera station, provided that at least 2 camera stations are present.

360o panorama stitching for one camera station data.

Network processing

Distributed calculations over a computer network.

Use combined power of multiple nodes for huge data sets processing in one project.

System requirements

Basic Configuration
up to 32 GB RAM
Advanced Configuration
up to 128 GB RAM
Extreme Configuration
more than 128 GB RAM
Processor: 4 - 8 core Intel or AMD processor, 2.0+ GHz Processor: 6 - 24 core Intel or AMD processor, 3.0+ GHz For processing of extremely large data sets a dual socket Intel Xeon Workstation with Quadro/Tesla GPUs can be used.
RAM: 16 - 32 GB RAM: 32 - 128 GB  
Graphics card: NVIDIA or AMD GPU with 700+ CUDA cores / shader processor units
(For example: GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 5700)
Graphics card: 1 - 2 NVIDIA or AMD GPUs with 1920+ CUDA cores / shader processor units
(For example: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or Radeon VII)
Purchase Agisoft Metashape license Professional
Get license:

By purchasing Agisoft Metashape license you get full access to software's function capabilities.
License also gets acces to tech support and updates.

Node-Locked license:
Price: $ 3 499
Floating License:
Educational License:
Price: $ 549
License types description:
Node-Locked license:

Node-Locked License (previously called Stand-Alone license) is a rehostable node-locked license, i.e. one license allows to activate the program at one machine only, however, the license can be transferred to a different computer if needed. Node-Locked license allows to use Metashape software in all kinds of paid and unpaid projects. The license is available both to individuals and legal entities, such as companies, firms, museums, research institutions, governmental institutions, etc.

Educational License:

Educational licenses (rehostable node-locked) and Educational Floating licenses are available exclusively to accredited educational institutions, their employees and students of such institutions. Only officially accredited educational institutions are eligible to obtain Agisoft Metashape educational licenses. This includes: universities, colleges, junior colleges, scientific and technical schools, vocational schools, and correspondence schools. Educational or Educational Floating licenses can also be purchased by students and officially employed teaching and research staff of officially accredited educational institutions. Any educational license prohibits all commercial uses of the software. Educational / Educational Floating and Node-Locked / Floating licenses differ legally but are technically identical.

Floating license:

Floating license allows to install the program on as many computers as desired and run it, at any one time, on as many systems as the number of licenses purchased indicates. One computing machine shall be designated as the "license server"; the license server utility installed on it will manage license distribution across the network of computers where the program has been installed. Floating license is available for Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition only.


Orthophoto & DEM Generation (without GCPs)

This tutorial demonstrates how to generate your first orthophoto and/or DEM with Agisoft PhotoScan Pro, no matter whether you have ground control points (GCPs) data or not.

Orthophoto & DEM Generation (with GCPs)

This tutorial illustrates how to produce your first georeferenced orthophoto and/or DEM of high quality with Agisoft PhotoScan Pro, providing that you have ground control points (GCPs) data.

Measuring area and volume

This tutorial will teach you to use Agisoft Metashape Professional as a measuring instrument.

Building reconstruction

This tutorial describes how to create a model of a building with Agisoft PhotoScan, workflow being illustrated with an XVIIIth century mansion reconstruction.

Dense Cloud Classification & DTM Generation

This tutorial illustrates how to use automatic and manual dense cloud classification instruments in Agisoft Metashape Pro.

DEM based measurements

This tutorial illustrates how to perform different types of the measurements based on the Digital Elevation Model.

Coded Targets & Scale Bars

This tutorial illustrates the use of coded targets and scale bars in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Spherical Panoramas Generation

This tutorial shows how spherical panoramas can be generated using Agisoft Metashape for images taken from the same point.

3D Model Reconstruction

This tutorial teaches you how to generate a 3D model of an object with Agisoft PhotoScan using amateur level photographs set only.

Software download:
Agisoft Metashape 1.6.5
Python 3 Module
Texture De-Lighter
Free update

Update Metashape is completely free and does not require any additional payments from the licensed users.

New users can try Agisoft Metashape software either in demo mode (export and savefunctions are blocked) or test it in full function mode with 30-day trial license for free.

Fully functional trial period can be started directly from the Metashape activation dialog.

Agisoft Metashape 1.5.5
Update info

If you want to update your copy of Agisoft Metashape software, download the latest version from this page and install it on the same computing system.

Data examples


61 images, 14 MPix



32 images, 12 MPix


Spherical panorama

73 images, 24 MPix


Coded marks

6 images, 3 targets



50 images, 12 MPix