Wire models calculated in the process of preliminary processing as well as orthophotos and DEM may be uploaded to Sputnik PTL, which enables comprehensive analysis of the data and the generation of reports in accordance with the customer’s needs.


  • Measurements of sizes of wire deflections
  • Determination of the area of forested area
  •  Search for threatening vegetation
  • Measuring distances according to the topography
  • Measuring slopes, elevations, horizontal distances
  • Measurement of areas on the surface of DTM / DEM
  • Export reports to MS Excel

Sputnik GIS supports:

ГИС Спутник поддерживает KML, Sputnik KMZ, TLS, Agisoft Tiled Model, GeoTIFF


Emergency Response
  • Monitoring of threatening tree and shrubbery vegetation
  • Determination of compliance of the wire deflection
  • Modeling the fall zone of trees
  • Thermal survey of suspended insulators
Regular monitoring
  • Visual inspection of the PTL towers’ and insulators’ condition
  • Detection of violations in protective zones
  • Monitoring of tree and shrubbery growth
PTL maintenance
  • Planning the expansion of corridors
  • Visualization of the projected power lines
  • Planning of ground maintenance activities
  • Planning modernization of power lines
  • Counting trees number in the protective zone
  • Determination of tree heights and crown diameters
  • Zoning of tree and shrubbery by height
  • Calculation of tree and shrubbery vegetation volume