Base coverage of the Earth’s surface as well as OGC standards support allow you to upload data into a single geoinformation space. WMS support allows you to connect data from OGC-compatible servers. Ability to set access rights excludes unauthorized downloads and demonstrations of your models.


  • Agisoft Metashape data formats support
  • Ability to view 3D models of unlimited size online
  • Setting permissions for viewing
  • Measurement of distances and areas on the surface of DEM / DTM
  • Geodata layers support within models

Sputnik GIS supports:

Sputnik GIS supports KML, Sputnik KMZ, TLS, Agisoft Tiled Model, GeoTIFF

Fields of application:

Urban planning portals
  • Integration with the systems of urban development
  • Land surveillance and change detection
  • Cartography
  • Demonstration of urban environment development projects in 3D
Disaster response
  • Flood modelling
  • View of thermal images
  • Search and rescue planning
Road infrastructure
  • Monitoring and control of construction works
  • Cross-section profiles generation
  • Traffic modelling
Demonstration of cultural heritage
  • Increase of the tourist attractiveness of the region
  • Virtual flight and tours
  • Virtual archaeological exhibitions
  • Discussion of restoration projects
Ecological monitoring
  • Environmental disasters mapping
  • Monitoring and change detection
  • Oil spills modeling
  • Ecological portals creation