Продукты ГК Геоскан

Geoscan 701 - first combat flight

2 June 2021

Geoscan 701 aircraft with ICE makes its maiden flight

Geoscan 701 is an aircraft for aerial surveying designed to achieve maximum productivity per one flight due to using ICE.

A new model of UAV is designed under the traditional aerodynamic scheme. The supply of fuel (which is a mixture of petrol and oil) is enough for 10 hours of flight, and, as a result, the plane can cover up to 800 km. The UAV is supplied with a starter-alternator, which allows switching on the engine automatically and providing power for a payload and systems of onboard radio electronic equipment during a flight.

Results of Geoscan Gemini tests amid the magnetic anomalies of Severstal’s open pits

6 August 2020

Results of Geoscan Gemini tests amid the magnetic anomalies of Severstal’s open pits

Aerial photography obtained via the UAVs rapidly replaces conventional geological exploration on foot. This is a convenient way allowing to obtain significantly more data in less time.

The UAVs can be widely used during the mining operations. The drones are used to collect data for mineral output calculation and preparation of the corresponding aerial maps, mining management under conditions when hand labor is replaced by machinery within the framework of the hazardous and monotonous operations.


14 August 2019

Geoscan Salute - new drone for light shows

Recently we launched a massive drone show based on new platform. Meet Geoscan Salute - small quadcopter, designed exclusively for group flights and light shows.

The development started in late 2018, when we realized we need a special solution for drone show events. Salute is a branch of Geoscan Pioneer project. Drone's ergonomics was improved drastically, giving us the ability to focus on show's technical details. It also reduced pre-launch preparation time.

Agrophysical Institute - about Geoscan drones at the fields

20 July 2018

Agrophysical Institute - about Geoscan drones at the fields

Interview with leading research scientist of the Agrophysical Institute on the use of Geoscan UAV in precision farming and land reclamation.
GIS Sputnik

14 November 2017

Condition surveying with Sputnik GIS

GIS Sputnik allows marking defects and deformations using high-definition 3D-models of buildings and constructions.
GIS Sputnik

3 November 2017

Sputnik GIS 1.3

We are pleased to present Sputnik 1.3. In the new version, we significantly improved *tls rendering algorithm, expanded the list of supported formats and added a number of new features.