Geoscan 101 Geodesy. Assembly and application


General information

Geoscan 101 Geodesy – aerial photography complex with GNSS reciver.


Complex Geoscan 101 Geodesy is designed to obtain georeferenced photos of objects and aerial photography.

Field of application

The data obtained using the complex can be used for:

  • Terrain evaluaton;

  • Aerial photography with precise time stamps for georeferenced images;

  • Orthophotos and digital terrain models creation;

  • Altitude maps creation;

  • 3D terrain models;

  • Volumetric calculations for quarries and fills.


  • Geoscan 101 Geodesy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

  • UAV transport bag

  • Launcher in transport bag

  • Customized Sony А6000 camera

  • GNSS receiver Topcon with antenna (L1-L2, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou)

  • 14.8 V LiPo Battery

  • CRL modem with antenna

  • Battery Charger

  • Geoscan Planner software

  • Folding rack for UAV assembly

  • Spare parts and accessories:

    • Fin - 2 PCs;

    • Rubber cords for launcher;

    • Stop peg for launcher;

    • Pitot tube cleaning rod (wire, 150 mm);

    • Pitot tube (brass, 70 mm);

    • Propeller blades 10x8;

    • USB cable.

Technical parameters



Type of UAV

flying wing

Speed of flight

72 - 108 km/h

Max takeoff weight

3.1 kg

Max payload masss

0.8 kg

Photo shooting area in one flight

up to 9 km²

Max wind speed

12 m/s


1.38 m

Min safe flight altitude

100 m

Max flight altitude

4000 m


electric, brushless


LiPo 14.8 V

Preparation time before takeoff

10 min

Flight duration

up to 60 min

Max flight length

70 km

Takeoff mechanism



parachute,in automatic mode

Operating temperature range:

-20 to +40 °C

Maintenance service

After each flight, visually inspect UAV for a damage.

If propeller blades or fin is damaged, you can replace it yourself using spare parts and tools from the kit.

If structural damage to the airframe or systems is detected, contact Geoscan support.

After 80 flights it is recommended to send your UAV to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.


Geoscan Lite complex (without battery) and launcher are recommended to be stored in a transport bags in dry rooms at a temperature of 5 to 25 °C and relative humidity not more than 80% without condensation. Shelf life - 2 years.

Batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place, without direct sunlight, at a temperature of 5 to 25 °C and a relative humidity of 80% without condensation. The optimum temperature — from 5 to 10 °C. The optimum voltage level when placing the battery to storage: 15.12 V. Shelf Life - 1 year.